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it will enable students and the general public to understand the unique role of the planetary water cycle in the co-evolution of life and a habitable climate on earth for 3.8 billion years, and for understanding and solving the water problems facing society and the science. the vision of what can be accomplished has brought us together from many branches of water science and engineering, from both government and academia, to initiate a broad, new interdisciplinary framework for research and education in hydrologic science. this perspective of interconnectedness at multiple scales is fundamental to gaining holistic understanding of the complexity of nature and changes over space and time through interactions with humans. the u.s. army corps of engineers and the state of florida are initiating a $7.8 billion project to restore the everglades. the present challenge is to work from societal concerns to develop a holistic scientific understanding of the role of water in an ever-dynamic environment. each setting supports a habitat and contributes to the economy. developing a quantitative understanding of how the water cycle is coupled to energetics in landscape and ecosystem evolution at scales from planetary to local is a major scientific challenge. ecology would then be in a position to look at the diversity of ecosystems as products of interactions throughout an evolutionary history that is contingent upon the soils and water bodies inhabited by the organisms. there is a critical need to formulate and test hypotheses on how the dynamics of large-scale, land-atmosphere interactions lead to severe and extensive droughts and floods. measurements, diagnoses and new modeling efforts are needed to characterize the fundamental processes to assess the vulnerability of water quality. consistent cross-scale measuring may well be as difficult as matching results with cross-scale modeling, and building a data base that can be used across scales may well prove to be the greatest challenge to web. similarly, fife was a large-scale climatology project set in the prairies of kansas, dedicated to understanding carbon and water cycles (sellers et al. the findings of individual studies would suggest new hypotheses and supplemental measurements to support a new work plan.

as the method is refined, scaling methods can be used to estimate flows at ungaged locations; and these flows can be used to estimate integrated-dynamic-storages of moisture in unsaturated and saturated components of hillslopes. fife and storm-fest indicated that a distance of at least 60 km is needed to estimate advection in the atmospheric water budget. one type of data expected to emerge is on the role of evapotranspiration in reducing energy available for surface heating and in causing turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. a major challenge exists in understanding the role of the water cycle in stabilizing planetary climate by mechanisms which range from the modulation of seasonality by advection to thermostatic regulation of climatic equilibria. (1999) demonstrated the utility of such data in reconstructing regional drought indices and relating them to enso and annual streamflow (meko et al, 1998). such a system could then be expanded to the storage and transport of other nutrients, toxics, or to salinity in semi-arid river basins. using the previous examples, studies of terrestrial ecosystem-atmosphere interactions using flux towers, which are commonly sited in flat terrain, would need to include complex terrain and topographic and geologic features to be relevant to a wide range of natural watersheds. (1991) for a discussion in the context of meteorology and oceanography. it provides a means and method for informing and engaging the community in the protection and ultimately the restoration of the environmental systems. 6.0 web infrastructure in section 4, we gave an overview of challenges to integrated web research and the imperative for data-base expansion and integration. nsf has funded a new science and technology center, sahara, headquartered at the university of arizona. a third goal would be to integrate with data collections through the programs of other disciplines (particularly neon and earthscope) and single-investigator projects. the purpose of the natural laboratories would be to organize to take systematic advantage of rapidly advancing technologies for obtaining and using data in the development of innovative models and theories. the natural laboratories would thus facilitate collection and storage of new data sets, which can be used to advance a basic quantitative understanding of the complexity underlying web science.

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