top 20 hard skills

there are endless skills that you can include on any resume, and you have to decide which ones will be the most effective. here is a quick list of the most important soft skills you should be using in your resume. most jobs will sometimes require you to work with other people at some point, and employers want to know that you can succeed in a team environment. on the job you need to ensure you follow all instructions in order to complete your work.

part of being a good employee is taking responsibility for your duties and even owning up to mistakes. the ability to manage your task flow and complete assignments on time is part of project management. whether it’s to clients or coworkers, having a basic writing ability is necessary and an absolute skill to put on your resume. if that’s the case, you should do your best to focus on those skills in your resume, too. your soft skills and hard skills are the very things that will either qualify you or disqualify you for a job.

since many industries and professions have a specific list of abilities that are necessary to properly perform the job, they can also be thought of as job-specific skills. when building your resume or preparing for an interview, having a list of your hard skills is essential. the ability to analyze data and then use that information for the benefit of your company is extremely useful. if you have any that are specific to the job or industry you are applying to, you should always clearly showcase them on your resume.

this means that people who have the skills to build and manage cloud networks are in high demand. having a hard skills list in the skills section of your resume is an important first step to win over a hiring manager, but there are a number of other tricks and techniques you can use to truly standout. in a job where possessing or lacking a certain hard skill is the key to landing an interview, this simple trick can be the difference between your resume being trashed or placed at the top of the pile. if there are a few key hard skills that were more heavily emphasized in the description for your target job, it’s a good idea to include a more detailed story of how you have used those abilities to excel in the past on your cover letter.

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