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“my heart has hammered a lot, but i haven’t passed out yet or tasted my own bile.” now that we can watch ted talks on netflix and on airplanes, it seems a lot more of us are looking to enthrall the masses via the deadly cocktail of homily and headset. i have a lot of jitteriness and gastrointestinal pageantry.” at the second i said, “i’m, uh, a grammarian’s worst nightmare.” would i be called on for table topics? i said, “kind of floaty.” my trapezius muscle felt like a guy-wire on the verrazano-narrows bridge; my mind was taking inventory of every fluid in my body and its flow rate.

i was asked by a retirement home in salisbury, conn., called noble horizons to give a talk in a month’s time about a book i had written on the wisdom of the elderly, and i realized that the best way to make this talk go smoothly was to throw myself into the toastmasters line of fire as much as possible beforehand. driving up to connecticut, i felt that my prolonged exposure to the terror of table topics had a counterintuitive effect on me. i still needed to offset the fluttery anticipation of giving a 30-minute speech, so i imagined that i was on a preliminary search for a retirement community in which to spend my dotage. when the bookers call, i will take a deep breath before starting to speak.

it looks like you do not appear to have javascript enabled in your browser and this website requires it to be enabled. meeting location update: our meeting host, the trinity united methodist church, has suspended all events/meetings at their facility until further notice. members of richmond toastmasters with 2012 world champion of speaking ryan avery (center in white shirt). the richmond toastmasters club of richmond, va is one of thousands of not-for-profit toastmasters international clubs worldwide dedicated to helping members help themselves improve their public speaking, listening and leadership skills. we meet on the 2nd and 4th tuesdays of every month, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., via zoom. in this short video, members from different countries and backgrounds share how they’ve built the skills to become better communicators and leaders. participate in toastmasters’ proven program, where you’ll learn how to speak comfortably in front of a group and lead with purpose.

attend meetings where you will regularly practice skills that make you a more confident speaker and leader. toastmasters is a powerful combination of a proven education program where you receive effective evaluation that helps you build skills at your own pace. our club helps people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators and leaders. go to our meeting information page to find out when you can join us for our next meeting. thank you for your request to be removed from our mailing list. please contact a club officer or the website administrator if you change your mind. a link will be e-mailed to you to set your password. for best results, we recommend the latest version of firefox.

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