team presentation skills

it’s safe to say that team presentations involve a lot of moving parts, not to forget the different personalities and confidence levels that presenters bring with them. take the time to assess your team – of course you will select people to present certain sections within the presentation based on their expertise and experience. the same goes for the closing speaker – pick someone who has both the credibility and ability to summarise the call to action clearly. why this is important: team members may have differing opinions about the message they want to convey. the best way to tackle this is by coming together to set a single goal for the presentation.

it’s best to have the overall leader of your team presentation to direct questions to the speaker with the most relevant knowledge. in the same vein, if you don’t know, don’t be afraid to say so. here are some things that you should aim to cover in a dry run of your presentation: remember that you’re in this together and teamwork is a non-negotiable item if you want to inspire confidence in your audience. with a determination to drive a paradigm shift in the delivery of presentation skills training, she is a strong advocate of a more personal and sustainable presentation skills training methodology. belinda is currently helping to transform the presentation skills of people in organisations such as bbc worldwide, dhl, esri, heineken, mars inc., moody’s, pfizer, roche, triumph and walmart – to name just a few.

when you present as a team your presentation skills will be tested. that’s because your audience will focus on each one of the presentation team in turn. that’s a challenge for you, the team leader. your audience will gauge how your team works together. they will know how your team responds to pressure and stress. there are three basics that you can get right for your next team presentation: you should set roles for each member of your presentation team. another team member can introduce the speakers, field questions and distribute them to team experts. a good tip is to rehearse your presentation together as a team. your team should practise their presentations individually before a final dress rehearsal. so take every opportunity to edit your material.

plus, you stick to the agreed timescales. you can easily undermine a team presentation with inaccurate figures, data and facts. then check whether forecast or actual figures will be presented. and, lastly, remember to check the timescales being used in each section of the presentation. your responsibility as a team presenter is to your team. that’s unlikely if you have verified and rehearsed your material. so, aim to present a positive and credible team capable of group work. for more team presentation tips, you can always join a presentation training course. telling it straight is our very own presentation tips newsletter. packed with skills tips to help you with your next presentation, why not receive it this month?

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