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or maybe you want to expand your business into a new area. so if you’re looking to get inspired and learn from some of the top startups that started as side projects, let’s dive in… do you need to be technical to start a tech business? spurred on by the economic collapse of 2008, they decided to launch groupon locally in chicago, and the rest is history. while you might not place it in the top echelon of tech companies, there’s got to be something said for the more than 20-year-old classified’s side ability to weather the times. after one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns ever, luckey quit his job, dropped out of school, and would go on to sell oculus to facebook for a cool $2 billion (before they even had a consumer product out). he tweeted his idea to get validation and then built his side project–gumroad–in a weekend.

with that as their validation, the founders decided to quietly launch a side project of just the photo-sharing app. what’s the easiest way to validate a side project idea? instead of looking at it from a research perspective, federici decided to dive in and build a startup that gave people analytics and information about cryptocurrencies. he’d wanted to for a decade and had been sidetracked when his last side project, flickr, became an overnight sensation and sold to yahoo. but some of the most successful side projects came from listening to what users and the market wanted and then building something just for them. for noah kagan, the idea of appsumo came from talking to users at his other startup, kickflip, a payment company for social games:   “i started appsumo since every game company kept mentioning they needed less monetization tools and more customers. side projects are an incredible source of inspiration, a way to experiment, and in many cases, better business ideas than the ones you’re going after right now.

ultimately, you want to foster a powerhouse project team that’s focused on objectives and responsive to new information. when projects start, it’s tempting to jump the gun and get to work. but if you want to increase your project’s chance of success, you and your team may have to learn to set this ego aside or work around it. systems and workflows are set processes for your team to follow when implementing your project plans. check in with your team and stakeholders to identify areas you can automate and optimize project management strategies.

with the rise of information overload, it can be tempting for teams and stakeholders to implement every new idea and iterate after every exciting insight. while change can be good, new changes in scope have to be evaluated against the project’s objectives and the availability of resources. you can use this to communicate better with stakeholders, onboard new team members, and conduct object evaluations at the end of your project. the key to building an agile and productive team is providing a solid foundation with sound systems and values. currently, she’s also an events manager and brand coordinator for a game development company in the philippines, with four years of experience as a producer for games on multiple platforms.

side projects aren’t just distractions. in fact, some of the world’s most successful companies started as side projects. since its inception in 2001, successful projects has focused on project management education through workshops and coaching. we have innovative programs and successful projects are those that 1) meet business requirements, 2) are delivered and maintained on schedule, 3) are delivered and maintained within budget, .

check out these real-world successful project management examples of companies using work and resource management to connect strategy with 8 factors that lead to successful projects clear project goals and objectives diligent research and data gathering grounded estimates and 5 key elements of a successful project a committed project sponsor clear goals and scope a good project manager engaged stakeholders., . what are successful projects? what factors make a project successful? what are some examples of projects? how do you know if a project is successful?

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