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and even in the age of emojis, animated gifs, and snapchat filters, public speaking is still the most effective way to move, persuade, and inspire. i went through my own three-month journey to prepare and rehearse a talk about the future of hiring. and just as a magnifying glass focuses to the sun’s rays to produce intense heat, a short talk, if properly delivered and received, can have tremendous impact. it’s sort of like the thesis statement of an essay (something i totally didn’t get in high school) or the answer you’d give if a friend asked you “so what’s the big takeaway of that talk?” this through-line is something you come back to again and again. this aspect of the ted talk experience was not a surprise to me, and if you’ve read my guide to deliberate practice, it won’t be a surprise to you either.

i rehearsed it to amanda, to other residents in my cohort, and to a few friends. amanda is a designer, so when she was asked to give her first talk at the end of her ted residency, she jam-packed it with lots of amazing visuals. a number doesn’t matter until you understand where the number is coming from and what it means. there were certain parts of the talk where i think i had thoughtful gestures that aligned with my point, but it’s definitely something i’m going to continue to work on. there’s still so much i can do to improve as a public speaker, but i am deeply grateful to ted as an organization for showing me what great talks look like, and giving me an opportunity to level up my skills.

even if you don’t make regular presentations in front of a group, public speaking is a useful skill to have from making a speech at a friend’s wedding to inspiring a group of volunteers at a charity event. developing your public speaking skills can increase your confidence and help you overcome speech-related anxiety you may have. your voice is the most important tool you will use as a public speaker. it is the technique professional singers use to make their voices sound fabulous. it enables them to hold notes long after most people would be out of breath. count to 10 as you inhale and fill your stomach, then count to 10 again as you exhale. remember to breathe from your diaphragm as you deliver your speech. practice strong, confident body language to fuel your presentation: if you feel that your stage presence is lacking, view clips of speakers you admire. aim to imitate parts of their style that you feel could work for you.

when it comes to public speaking, delivery is everything. even if you have a great voice and good body language, your message will get lost if the audience can’t easily follow what you say. public speaking is more than standing in front of a group and talking; you also need to engage your audience. if you have extreme anxiety while speaking in public, however, it is important to seek help from your doctor or a trained mental health professional. power posing: brief nonverbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance. 2010;21(10):1363-1368. doi:10.1177/0956797610383437 jackson b, compton j, thornton al, dimmock ja. re-thinking anxiety: using inoculation messages to reduce and reinterpret public speaking fears. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0169972 jackson b, compton j, whiddett r, anthony dr, dimmock ja. preempting performance challenges: the effects of inoculation messaging on attacks to task self-efficacy.

my journey as a speaker i didn’t do theater, debate, or mock trial. enter ted make every word count start strong know voice control. your voice is the most important tool you will use as a public speaker. one simple way to improve your engage with your audience. when you speak, try to engage your audience. this makes you feel less isolated as a, .

exclusively for introverts – 10 powerful tips to improve your public speaking skills 1. preparation is key. 2. accentuate boost your public speaking skills. there’s only one way to say this: if you want to stand out in today’s job market, you better 5 things you can do today to improve your public speaking skills 1. let’s get critical, critical as human beings, we,

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