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for the past 44 years, joel weldon has been one of the most highly acclaimed and sought-out professional speakers in america. this has been achieved through referrals and repeat engagements. joel is one of the only seven original founders of the national speakers association (nsa) that is still working full time as a professional speaker, the premier trade association for 4000+ professional speakers, and he has the distinction of winning practically every major speaking award. joel was one of the first speakers in the world inducted into the prestigious professional speakers hall of fame and was recently named “a legend of professional speaking” and “the godfather of speaking.” what makes joel such a highly successful and sought-after speaker is his effective and proven step-by-step systems that can teach anyone to elevate their game greatly, earn more money, and have tremendous success as a speaker, author, or coach, regardless if they are a novice or even a consummate professional.

joel and the team of elite speakers at the speaking group’s event will provide you with knowledge and ideas that you can immediately implement in your business and life. he has transformed all types of speakers, authors, and coaches from novice, to intermediate, and advanced. he has been personally hired to coach one-on-one some of the world’s best speakers, who want to use his expertise to become even better speakers. when you hear joel speak, you will not only learn a lot, you will have a lot of fun with his high-energy, fast-paced, and humor-filled delivery, but most importantly, you will know how you can become the speaker you have dreamed of being. the speaking group is dedicated to making you an even better speaker.

it begins with acknowledging the layers of “group interaction.” small group interaction is “the process by which three or more members of a group exchange verbal and nonverbal messages in an attempt to influence one another” (tubbs, 1995, p. 5). in presentational speaking it is important to view the group as a speaking group , which is a collection of three or more speakers who come together to accomplish message content goals. in short, the purpose of group coordination is to assist you in establishing a communication plan. your job as a group is to determine the best communication strategies for this speaking group.

some group members may not have access to a smartphone, text capability or all social networking sites such as twitter, linkedin, and facebook; and may not have consistent access to email or the internet. you will always have to apply and modify your individual knowledge, skills, and techniques to be appropriate for the different stages of group presentations. the goal is not to anticipate every possible decision your group may encounter. second, the amount of knowledge, understanding, and quality underlying a decision varies. overall group coordination will play a role in helping you reflect on group dynamics, plan for communication during group work, reinforce relationships, and establish a unified commitment and collaborative climate.

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