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it provides members with a proven curriculum that develops communication and leadership skills one step at a time, with many opportunities for awards and recognition along the way. the communication and leadership tracks are not mutually exclusive; you may participate in both at the same time, if you wish. whether it’s the upcoming wedding speech, an important pitch to a client, or simply making your point in a meeting of colleagues, it’s easy for the fear to take over – so that you don’t perform at your best.

there are consequences for how you’re viewed by friends, family and your boss, with follow-on emotional and economic impacts.so what would you like to do about it?if you’re employed in a reasonable sized organisation, you might have already attended a presentation skills course. if you really want to tackle your fear, and also if you’ve not got access to in-house training, toastmasters is the perfect answer.our wide network of clubs and their learn-by-doing programme are sure to help you become a better speaker and leader because you’ll be building your skills at a pace that you choose. ).here are just some of the benefits of joining toastmasters: members quickly gain the skills that allow them to excel at job interviews, present humorous, informative or special occasion speeches or give powerful business presentations.come along to our next meeting to find out more and see it in action.

for over forty years speakeasy has provided personal growth, communication development and consulting services to some of the most influential business leaders in the world.there is a unifying philosophy that underpins everything the company does. our work is drawing out the best of who that person is.you know that powerful communication skills are essential to your success. it’s how you get results, how you move markets… and how you motivate both your prospects and your staff. the truth is, it takes more than public speaking training or presentation skills to become a great communicator. it’s a journey that begins when you get better connected to who you are and how the world sees you when you communicate, and quickly moves to your openness to honestly connecting with others. that‰ûªs exactly where speakeasy has helped me be more effective in understanding, and speaking to the needs of my audience.

the exercises and colleague critiques are done in a very supportive, non-threatening way that really help you work on your individual needs. the coaching and the practice were great. i left knowing what to do and really believing that i could do it. the way it keeps us focused, both as individuals and as a group, has really had an impact. and the basic concepts go even further ‰ûó they really help keep us aligned as a team. submit the form below and we’ll get back to you within 2 business hours with pricing and availability.

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