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you are a true inspiration and i look forward to reading your other books as well. i am reading and re-reading your book: talk like ted, as a study reference book for my mba from the jack welch management institute. i am reading your book talk like ted: the 9 public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds and i find that it is one of my favorite books ever. mr. gallo, i was very excited to use your book, talk like ted, in our base-wide leadership book group. “dear mr. gallo, thank you for writing talk like ted and the presentation secrets of steve jobs. learn to deliver like a pro.” “the premise of this book, that ted talks provide great examples and lessons, is a magnificent insight.

i just finished listening to talk like ted for the 5th time and am beginning my 6th. i have asked all participants and resource people to present in a ted style format, and i am suggesting they read your book for insights. thank you gallo for creating the next generation of public speaking handbooks.” “i read this book 7 days before i gave a ted talk, and i’ve very glad i did. talk like ted helped me so much that i can create an even better title than the author’s: ‘how never to bore your audience again.’ … talk like ted should be a bible for anyone who wants to communicate – and isn’t that all of us?” “this book is excellent. i used the tips in this book during my public speaking course at college and got an a!” “this book is a must-read for anyone who ever makes presentations to a group or speaks in public. i recommended it five times before i got to the halfway point.

ted talks have launched movements, increased awareness and raised funds for worthy causes redefining the elements of a successful presentation. with more than one billion views, ted talks have set the world on fire and have become the gold standard of presentations. the opinions expressed by carmine gallo in talk like ted are his own. i watched about 50 ted talks back to back and i read talk like ted by carmine gallo for some inspiration.” we are all in sales and ideas are the new currency. in order to cut through the massive clutter – you need to take big action and focus on you you are different. the book inspired me to go deep, look inward, and rediscover my true passion and bring that passion to the forefront of what i do.

i’m committed to teaching others the ways to apply my learnings to their jobs and lives. as the year comes to a close we look at the business books that you need to read over the christmas break… read article. “it’s a core skill for the twenty-first century.” anderson calls presentation and public-speaking skills a “superpower” for those who want to express their ideas. ted talks have rewritten the rules of public speaking. carmine gallo, author of talk like ted explains what makes a powerful presentation today. not only was he a broadcast journalist for cnn and cbs, but he’s coached executives at coca-cola, chevron and more… prezi blog: ted talks are wildly addictive for 5 scientific reasons article transcript: in the last ten years researchers studying brain scans have learned more about the science of persuasion than we’ve ever known in all of civilization.

carmine gallo’s top 10 wall street journal bestseller talk like ted will give anyone who is now public speaking coach and bestselling author carmine gallo explores what makes a great presentation by in his book, carmine gallo has broken down hundreds of ted talks and interviewed the most popular ted, talk like ted pdf, talk like ted pdf, ted talks: the official ted guide to public speaking, talk like ted summary, carmine gallo. a powerful guide to public speaking, based on scientific analysis of hundreds of ted presentations and interviews with ted speakers ted talks have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking around the world. google books

richard gash. listening to talk like ted by @carminegallo has me thinking about presentations i’ve given in the past in his book, carmine gallo has broken down hundreds of ted talks and interviewed the most it also means that, like it or your not, your next presentation will be compared to a ted talk. this post is,

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