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having employees, managers and executives with great soft skills is good for business. trainsmart tailors all soft skills workshops to ensure that the key topic(s) are relevant, engaging and that the learner walks away with tips and techniques that they can implement immediately. that’s because the newest generation to enter the workforce- the millennials aka geny- is surprisingly lacking in soft skills. since 1994, trainsmart has leveraged its capabilities to build custom soft skills training solutions for employees, managers, and executives. we’ve leveraged all existing and emerging methodologies to gain success for our clients – facilitated/trained virtual or live, e-learning, intelligent hand-held devices, webinars, blogs, streaming video, paper self-study, etc. our instructor-led soft skill workshops fill in the gap, providing fundamental training on everything from emotional intelligence, email etiquette, and time management to what it means to have a strong work ethic, demonstrate teamwork and leadership. you describe the challenge, and trainsmart will customize the training experience.

because soft skills can be learned. and make huge differences in your business’ success. “trainsmart has become a valued training and development resource to us. our managers and staff have given high marks to each consultant we’ve worked with. when you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including: we have approximately 300 facilitators, professional development trainers, instructional designers, and content developers strategically located in the united states and around the world. every entity is unique in size and scope. at trainsmart, we work with you to design a custom-tailored instructor-led soft skills training around the specific needs of your organization.

we offer live, online workshops, custom content for your lms, and a course portal coming soon. “as the chair of the young alumni council at the ontario institute for studies in education, we decided to launch our leadership webinar series for current students and alumni with the intent of including topics that were relevant to today’s education professionals. we decided to launch our webinar series with skillscamp and the topic we wanted to examine was the darkside of social media. the standard for our leadership webinar series has now been set high due to the great content that was delivered with the launch. from providing tips and tricks on how to be more productive in our professional and personal lives to providing data and insight on how students are learning, hamza was a fantastic, informative, engaging facilitator providing my team with the energy, insight and inspiration to begin another academic year.

skillscamp was able to provide incredible value to the audience by teaching us very specific and applicable public speaking, personal branding, and soft skills that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. thank you skillscamp for teaching us how we can stand out in a crowd, and equipping us with lifelong skills for success.” as a leader and people manager myself, i can use [the learnings] as tools and guides for the development of my direct reports as well as my personal development. after attending the workshop, i used some of the networking strategies and was able to make stronger connections with people in my field. bailey’s laid back yet confident facilitation style pulled the students in to her message on the importance of presenting a consistent and professional brand on social media and beyond. her use of personal anecdotes, theory, real-world statistics, and immediately implementable tips resonated with students looking to create their own professional brands.

we provide a wide variety of instructor-led soft skills training in many delivey formats for employees, managers, leaders we are a soft skills training company that works with businesses and educational institutions to build soft skills in your it is possible to train and hone soft skills, and professionals can take courses on leadership just as they would for, soft skills workshop ideas, soft skills workshop ideas, soft skills training topics, soft skills training modules, soft skills workshops seminars.

get access to a deep library of on-demand soft skills training courses for your employees. find out how. adaptability is best ways to train your employees on soft skills 1. coaching/mentoring 2. live interactive workshops 3. peer (social) the businesses that invest in soft skills training for employees are the ones growing in revenue and leading their industries. if you relied on instructor-led training sessions alone for teaching soft skills.,

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