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we’ve teamed up with the center for applied research at central piedmont community college to evaluate working smart value and effectiveness based on trainer and participant feedback. charlotte works serves as a convener for all certified agencies in both north and south carolina, and we offer guidance and assistance to all agencies that offer the program. employers are looking for people who not only have the technical skills and experience to do the job, but also bring the “soft skills” that lead to success. working smart provides the tools to help you keep a job, excel at your job and be more productive overall. working smart: soft skills for workplace success consists of five modules taught over a minimum of 24 hours.

self-awareness skills needed to portray a confident and authentic sense of self. you will have a clear understanding of stress and its impact on behavior and learn strategies to manage emotions when they are triggered at work. conflict resolution and critical-thinking skills needed to solve problems and make decisions at work. upon completion, you will possess the employability skills most important to employers. i now feel prepared to move forward with my life and plan my career, not just a job.” ~ working smart program graduate charlotte works is just one of eleven agencies in mecklenburg county that offers working smart. to find out when the next working smart classes are offered, please email shemia williams at

i originally published this soft skills list in june 2011.  i am honored to discover that more than 500,000 of you have since read my soft skills list and found it helpful. your comments – which of these soft skills do you think are the most important to your career success? i am from the utah parent center, and i would like your permission to use this article to help teach transitioning students with disabilities to learn soft skills. do i have your permission to use some of the soft skills you state on your website to form the list of soft skills for the survey questions? for example, coding is a hard skill, but if you work with others during coding that have abrasive behavior, it will affect your ability to code effectively. i would like permission to include your list of soft skills in my work. i would like to thank u for this article. i would like your permission to use your soft skills list in my training manual. i would love to have your permission to use your soft skills (while giving full acknowledgement to you) in my in-house training programs for our staff.

i think the most important soft skills to develop are interpersonal skills, and difficult personalities or situations. i just wrote an article on should we teach soft skills to teenagers? being able to see the world from another person’s perspective can improve all of our soft skills i wanted to tell you how helpful this list is. i will be thankful if you may take a minute or two to write back to me and guide me as to where can i professionally get trained from on soft skills and voice & accent. this is the one list that i refer to and always find a new interpretation. i am printing this out so i can refer to it often and remind myself of especially the tribal soft skills i love this model. i will be referring to your article on an ongoing basis to evaluate my progress in developing soft skills. but i think this kind of skill is can not be study, only be or not to be… it only character and charismatic. with that said, here are my two cents on your comments 1. problem solving – i consider this a hard skill especially when the problem is pertaining to a business issue or a work issues.

working smart improves participant soft skills knowledge by 3 points, or 9% from pre- to post-test. • 40% of participants working smart curriculum: * the first soft skills program of it’s kind in guilford county * designed by working smart: soft skills for workplace success is a five-module, 16-lesson soft -skills curriculum taught over a, working smart soft skills program, working smart soft skills program, working smart: soft skills for workplace success, working smart certification, working smart certificate.

soft skills list – self management skills. self-management skills address how you perceive yourself and others, manage soft skills are the intangible personal qualities that employers want in workers; dependability, work wrc is hosting the working smart certification classes with david grinstead from acc. david will lead participants,

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