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making the leap from sales practitioner to sales manager doesn’t have as much to do with being a rockstar that boasts the highest close rate on your team—as it’s concerned with your ability to motivate, lead and elevate others to achieve more. and like a fine wine, you’ll naturally improve over time in your ability to identify talented prospective sales reps as you go through the process of recruiting, hiring and building your base of experience. as a sales manager, it’s your job to be occupied with doing everything you can to make each individual member of your team successful. great sales managers can easily toggle between zooming in (to work in a rep’s world) and back out to see the bigger picture of how things are going more broadly on your team. it doesn’t matter how much you consistently beat quota in your current position, if you can’t make the jump up to the effectiveness of a sales manager that can also help other people to increase their sales performance.

as you know by now, the bulk of your job once you become a sales manager will be meeting with, talking to and actively problem-solving with the reps on your team. once you become a sales manager, there will be a lot of demands on your time throughout the day. building the right skills and base of experience are one side of the equation, but so much of landing any job—especially a sales manager job—relies upon your ability to position yourself as the perfect candidate. go out of your way to mentor them and show that your coaching, training and guidance can have a direct impact on their numbers. start by identifying the right opportunities where you can put your domain expertise to work, showcase your (proven) ability to be an effective leader and team builder.

i was fortunate to be a part of a world-class sales organization and the coaching model i was taught is one i continue to use to this day. however you develop this it is important for the sales rep to own this and come prepared. the next most important aspect to a sales manager’s role is to motivate their team. the last of my top sales manager skills is to measure performance and keep their team accountable. the common challenge among most sales leaders is they fail to accomplish this and create a culture of learned helplessness vs self sufficiency.

relentless customer focus is today’s #1 business strategy, and the truth is that it begins with the sales what are the best ways to keep your team buyer-focused? the only way to develop into a sales coach is to hear the difference between a coaching conversation and everything else. the common scenario is that three-quarters of the way through the year a sales manager realizes that a sales person is not likely to hit their quota and puts them on a performance plan that generally doesn’t do anything but guarantee that the sales rep leaves. in return, they are inspired by their sales leader and motivated to perform and reciprocate the gesture. building on skills 1 & 2, once the manager understands who their sales reps are, how to communicate, how to motivate, and how to shape their role, they must create a culture of ongoing empowerment.

1. identifying, recruiting and hiring talented sales reps. sales-manager-skills- hiring. while much of your job as a sales 12 essential skills for a great sales manager communicate inspire and motivate lead manage engage the team and sales manager skills ability to coach salespeople ability to motivate salespeople ability to hold, .

6 sales leaders share their essential sales manager skills 1. on boarding- this piece really began before a sales rep sales manager top skills & proficiencies: meeting sales goals. negotiation. sell to customer needs. motivation. sales planning. build relationships. coaching. manage processes. 8 skills every great sales manager possesses 1. a great sales manager knows how to motivate and inspire 2. sales,

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