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as a sales associate, you are often the first touch point potential customers have to your company, providing valuable experience that can set you up well for your career. as a sales associate, you are often the first touchpoint a potential customer has with your company, and their experience with you heavily influences their opinion of the brand. as a sales associate outside of a retail setting, it helps to be in regular communication with your customers, asking them for feedback and serving as a guide to help your customers make the best possible decision to help them overcome their challenge or problem. for example, sales associates are usually the first point of contact for customers experiencing a problem with you company’s product.

when you can genuinely empathize with a prospect’s problems you’re better able to relate and find a solution for them. if you have a colleague who is proficient at using pos systems and performing transactions, shadow them to learn best practices. while both tasks are important, as a sales associate you will need to determine which task needs to be prioritized and which can wait. once you’ve built trust with potential customers, you are better able to persuade them that your company’s offering is the best solution for them.

including pertinent skills on your sales associate resume gives employers an idea of who you are as an employee and allows them to see the potential asset you’d be to their company. having a set system and schedule is helpful when it comes to your organizational skills in the workplace. in your role as a sales associate, you will need to communicate effectively with customers, managers and co-workers. in order to be a great sales associate, you need to know everything there is to know about the item you’re selling.

since your main job is interacting with customers, employers want to know that you’re an active listener, good communicator, empathetic and that you have a positive attitude. regardless of your experience level, having great leadership skills is a must. employers want to know that while you may be up-to-date on the latest technology, your numeracy skills are up-to-speed as well. here are four of the most effective ways to improve your expertise: in order to gain employment as a sales associate, it’s important to showcase your skills throughout the interview process. your cover letter is a great place to expand and elaborate on these skills.

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