public speaking skills in tamil

over a period of time, i have realised that the best public speakers in this world have a few things in common. the way you dress and the way you carry yourself on stage will have a huge impact on the quality of your presentation 2) content & knowledge: you cannot speak that you do not know. read as much as possible about the topic and from as many sources as possible. 3) audience profile: as a public speaker you should be well aware of your audience- their background, profession, expectations and priorities. this exercise will provide you with valuable insights about how to structure the talk. how much you believe or do not believe in the topic will be sensed by the audience to great extent. the best public speakers pay a lot of attention to their non-verbal communication- tonal quality and body language.

speaking skills in tamil

oral language is one of the most fundamental skills for academic and social conversations; it pays to mastering oral language skills while learning tamil as, as a learner, you use this skill all throughout to process and pass instructions, ask questions, make requests, get new information and deal with peers. ask questions, rephrase your answers, and do whatever you can to trigger conversation. 2.maintaining eye contact with the listener is as important as the conversation itself, as it immediately attracts the listener’s attraction, and helps adjust his or her volume, tone, language and organization of the speech.