schedule baseline

the schedule baseline is the stakeholder-approved foundation of the schedule of a project. the schedule baseline is used to measure and monitor the performance of a project: the delivered work at a point in time or over a period of time is compared against the baselined planned work at that time. the schedule baseline is a key element of the project management plan and had been approved by the relevant stakeholders in the first place. a schedule baseline is an approved documentation of the project schedule.

in projects that use project management software to track progress and performance, baselining is often the prerequisite to allow monitoring and tracking of the performed work (e.g. the schedule baseline is therefore used for a number of different monitoring and controlling analyses. the project schedule baseline is one of the most important and fundamental documents of a project. the schedule baseline is one of the three project management baselines, besides the scope and the cost baseline.

in this article, we discuss what a project schedule baseline is, review the benefits of using one, give steps for how to write one and provide an example of a sample baseline document. project managers use this document to monitor and measure the performance of a project schedule to see how it compares to the original plan. it’s unnecessary to change the project schedule baseline for every minor occurrence and delay. using a project schedule baseline can have multiple administrative and analytic benefits for those that choose to use them, including: a project schedule incorporates all changes and delays you may encounter within a project. the baseline reflects the initial prediction about the timeline of the project and you use it as a comparison reference with the schedule.

you can also use past project data as a research reference to determine if you’ve been thorough enough in your task selection. you may use the technique of analogous estimating, which relies on data from past schedules and projects to figure out how long your new project might take to complete. however, you can use milestones to determine any major event within the course of the building or creation process. understanding the interconnectedness of each task can help you determine the priority order and decrease the amount of wait time in your schedule baseline. you’ve completed all the calculations and research and by setting the baseline you’re acknowledging that this is your best estimate for your projected schedule and it’s the document to which you’ll compare your actual results.

the schedule baseline is the planned schedule of the project after its approval by the relevant stakeholders. in project management, it is typically the output the schedule baseline captures changes in your schedule that occur due to the development of risks. using a baseline schedule means you can see schedule baseline is the approved version of a schedule model that can be changed only through formal change control procedures and is used as a basis for, .

schedule baselines are projected schedules, based on information that is known to date. dates and estimates in baseline schedules are expected to change through execution. a project schedule baseline, also known as a baseline schedule, is a planned and approved timetable projection for a particular project. a baseline schedule is what can fairly be called a frozen project timeline. what this means is that a baseline schedule is a fixed project timeline that does a baseline schedule (also known as a schedule baseline or target schedule) is an approved copy of the project schedule that can be used to, . how do i make a schedule baseline? what is the difference between schedule baseline and project schedule?

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