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sarah is one of the country’s most authoritative, sought after and leading public speaking experts. she set up ginger public speaking to support the transition to a new paradigm of leadership, where leaders need to ‘speak human’, rather than ‘corporate’ to inspire trust in their followers. they help leaders to grow their vision, voice and visibility – and to rally change through the spoken word.

she’s on a mission to bring more female leaders into the public eye, helping to grow their confidence and amplify their impact so they are at the forefront of rallying change. as well as training the leader’s voice programme and working with select 1-2-1 corporate clients, sarah created the ground-breaking game changers initiative to develop a powerhouse of 100 visionary female leaders from across britain. sarah is passionate about bringing positive change to the world and as such chooses to work 1-2-1 with clients based on their potential to influence change. clients can expect to work intensively with sarah on developing and delivering an inspiring message for a variety of public speaking situations.

so in 2009, having decided to retrain as a coach, i began running a couple of workshops about public speaking. often the traditional approach to public speaking training tends to be a little bit mechanical. at ginger we promote an approach that puts authenticity at the heart of everything, in other words being yourself when you get up to speak. a much better way is to learn how to access that authenticity within ourselves. in that moment she allows the audience to warm to her. what i recommend for my clients is instead of worrying about yourself and feeling as if you’re being criticised put yourself in the audience’s shoes.

the ted promise of an idea worth spreading meant that my talk needed to deliver something different, something a little special. my general advice to clients is to rehearse the meaning of a speech rather than the words. that’s the paradox of choice and it’s very relevant in public speaking. so think about what you can do that is different, that will get the audience to remember what you say. if you want to test that theory firstly think about how much impact a video of you speaking has compared with when you are there in person. if you try that with an audience who are used to watching slides, switching off the powerpoint is like watching a bunch of zombies wake up!

founder of ginger & award winning public speaking coach. sarah is one of the country’s most authoritative, sarah lloyd-hughes is founder of ginger training & coaching and is an experienced, energetic and empowering speak. lead. change. sarah lloyd-hughes is one of the country’s most authoritative, sought after and leading public, .

my interview with sarah lloyd hughes can you tell us about the journey that led you to creating ginger public the latest tweets from sarah lloyd-hughes (@gingernibbles). speaker, coach & author. on a mission check sarah lloyd-hughes. 3.80 rating details 44 ratings 4 reviews. speaking in public can be fun honestly!,

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