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about a year ago i have been in the headquarters of sap argentina, in a meeting with a sap pre sales employee, who said to me: – mariano tell me, which is the difference between sap ppm (portfolio & project management)  and sap ps (project system)? the sap ps optimizes the business processes from project planning through to carrying out the project and enables a project progress analysis. i recommend you to read blog of florian arnoldend of ramp-up for sap portfolio and project management 6.0 and get a new documentation to read. implementing ppm with integration to ps will enable an end-to-end integrated portfolio and project management process which includes detailed project costing, eliminating the need to use tools such as ms project and excel. from that point of view ppm’s project management module and ps are competing applications, and it requires thorough knowledge of the business requirements, the business process and knowledge of the two applications to make a sounds decision.

sap ppm 5.0 it’s very new, and i think that in new versions will exist a lot of deltas.implementation of sap ppm will depend of client and exists a lot of variants like any other sap solution. but if more demanding integration is required, ppm can integrate with the rest of ecc via ps and all its functions, as well as that of other ecc functions through webgui using object link functionality. i have been realizing with +300 users that sap ppm have a lot of information to give to users and it’s important to simplified the screens like i see in any other brazilian & colombian implementation. i recommend you to use integration with microsoft project or primavera to scheduling in sap ppm to be more user friendly. and also have to check your sap licences, because they are separated with the sap erp licence.

sap portfolio and project management (sap ppm) is the module used to plan, prioritise and analyse investment initiatives. projects are created in sap ecc or s4 hana within the sap project system (sap ps) module to control execution of these initiatives. portfolio management: addresses the strategic aspects of portfolio management, monitoring initiatives and existing project status. sap project system (ps) is the module within sap that handles the full cycle of planning, controlling and execution of projects.

it is the most integrated sap module and is seamlessly connected in real-time to a range of ps module and other modules in the sap environment including: despite its integration, sap ps still does not allow for seamless and complete project management sap across a single platform. as a result, you do not have full financial control of your project lifecycle in sap ps. sap project system enhanced with noveco gives you complete financial control over your projects directly in sap ecc and s4 hana. one of the important functions of sap ps is to manage all stages of project delivery from planning to execution and closure.

manage projects company-wide from a centralized repository and keep the portfolio on track – from forecasting and planning to accounting and closure. * what is sap ppm?– portfolio management integrates information from existing project management, human resources, and financial systems to portfolio management to submit project proposals, prioritize them with the current project portfolio, and monitor and review their progress., sap eppm pdf, sap eppm pdf, sap cpm, sap project systems, sap ps.

sap portfolio and project management (sap ppm) is the platform to manage projects of new product development by tracking time, cost, and resources. develop new products and services profitably by optimizing resources and speeding time to market. sap portfolio and project management (sap ppm) is the module used to plan, prioritise and analyse investment initiatives. the initiatives become projects, . what is a ppm system? what is the difference between ppm and pmo? does sap have a project management module? what is project management in sap? sap ppm allows your company to:manage the entire your entire portfolio of projects.wisely plan financial and resource aspects of your projects.optimize resource utilization across the central project repository.

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