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hello, you are using an old browser that’s not compatible and no longer supported. it is truly an honor to work so closely with richardson sales performance’s facilitators, who in my humble opinion are the very best sales training professionals in our industry. they are masters of the fundamentals, or “table stakes,” of training, and they are skilled subject matter experts in richardson sales performance’s content and in selling. here is how i describe our team: when a facilitator brings those characteristics together in a richardson sales performance sales training workshop, the result is a challenging, relevant learning experience that prepares and inspires sales reps to engage in genuine, customer-focused conversations that result in high-value, needs-based solutions.

to be among the very best in any profession takes hard work and a solid grasp of the core fundamentals, or the “table stakes.” once you have mastered those, you can set your sights on reaching the next level. when a trainer executes a truly learner-focused workshop, participants are left feeling that the facilitator is one of them. that’s a compliment that demonstrates how effectively our facilitators prepare and focus on customizing the learning experience to meet the needs of the audience. prior to joining richardson, he held successful positions in sales, where he was a president’s club winner, sales management and sales training.

sales training is essential to an organization’s success, and it’s a powerful tool for developing the full potential of every sales rep. not all sales training programs are created equal, however, and the success of a program is due in large part to the individual delivering it—and the approach they take. this is critical in gaining trust, building credibility and “selling” the training to the participants. if a sales trainer has experience in a leadership role, they’ll take this level of trust one step further by understanding the needs of the group and what it takes to deliver an engaging and successful learning experience. they want to be at the front of a room in control of an audience.

the best sales trainers will be genuinely invested in the success of their participants, and this will come through in their training delivery. a good sales trainer wants to positively impact each participant’s career path and is plugged into what happens after the group leaves the location of the training program. a quality facilitator is key to the sales enablement process and can make an enormous difference in the overall success of your sales training program. in keeping with our commitment to be the go-to practical and commonsense sales training option, we’ve developed the sales training buyer’s interview guide. sustain your sales training initiative gaining early buy-in from your sales team industries overview manufacturing sales training healthcare & medical sales training consulting & professional services sales training financial services sales training it & telecommunication sales training agriculture sales training retail sales training hospitality sales training government sector sales effectiveness whitepapers sales performance radio virtual happy half hour webinar webinars sales training articles how to find the right sales process how to choose a sales training provider

six skills for training excellence passion: great sales trainers are passionate about supporting the when the sales team raises questions, the trainer should be able to share from real-world experience to coach on skills sales trainer responsibilities include: conducting skills gap analyses to identify areas of improvement designing, .

accomplishes sales training and organization mission by completing related results as needed. sales trainer skills and the best sales trainers i’ve worked with have all demonstrated the following skills and qualities: good what was found to distinguish exemplary trainers in their study was their ability to translate espoused personal,

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