sales skills and competencies

though one’s idea of success can vary from person to person, there are some core proficiencies top reps and sales organizations have in common. additionally, sales professionals must be able to adequately communicate with their customers and peers in a virtual environment. the goal of this is to determine if they are a good fit for your product or service. this is often called a discovery call and can be useful for continuing to qualify the prospect to ensure they are a good fit.

the ability to read and analyze data is critical for making it in sales. some of the best sales reps are masters at upselling or finding additional products and services to benefit the customer in addition to their initial purchase. top sales reps look to deliver results to their customer through the use of their product, and they aim to drive sales for their organization to keep business afloat. looking for ways to develop and refine these skills and competencies for members of your sales team?

in this article, we’ll define core sales competencies, discuss why they are critical to the sales and management process. sales is always about people, so reps and managers must have people skills – the ability to lead and manage a conversation, to create emotional engagement, and earn the trust of others. it is incumbent upon the rep and manager alike to keep themselves on task and address each part of the sales process. key attributes in this area are fearlessness when it comes to asking for a yes and the ability to navigate back to an area of opportunity when the answer is no.

also, excellent listening skills are crucial as what a person says in a sales call long before the closing stages tell you what he or she wants to be included before saying “yes.” a vital core competency of successful sales reps and managers is the emotional intelligence to manage one’s feelings and the feelings of other people. an essential skill for sales reps and managers is the ability to read a situation and fix any challenges that occur. while it is true that the best sales professional candidates should be smart and articulate, they do not have to have excellent grades or a slew of diplomas to be successful sales professionals. there are core competencies for sales professionals that are critical to the members or potential members of any sales team. spotio is the #1 sales acceleration platform designed to increase your revenue, maximize your profitability, and increase your team’s productivity in just 2 weeks.

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