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as a sales associate, you are often the first touch point potential customers have to your company, providing valuable experience that can set you up well for your career. as a sales associate, you are often the first touchpoint a potential customer has with your company, and their experience with you heavily influences their opinion of the brand. as a sales associate outside of a retail setting, it helps to be in regular communication with your customers, asking them for feedback and serving as a guide to help your customers make the best possible decision to help them overcome their challenge or problem. for example, sales associates are usually the first point of contact for customers experiencing a problem with you company’s product.

when you can genuinely empathize with a prospect’s problems you’re better able to relate and find a solution for them. if you have a colleague who is proficient at using pos systems and performing transactions, shadow them to learn best practices. while both tasks are important, as a sales associate you will need to determine which task needs to be prioritized and which can wait. once you’ve built trust with potential customers, you are better able to persuade them that your company’s offering is the best solution for them.

some sales associates move up the corporate ladder, others stay where they are, and still, others move on to other fields. some of the skills you will need are specific to particular positions, either because each store does things a little differently, or because companies vary in how they define these jobs. you’ll need to know how to use a cash register, and possibly microsoft office as well. you’ll need basic accounting skills to make a change and to notice errors. you’ll need good attention to detail and strong relationship building skills. you’ll need to understand basic accounting and stocking to keep track of where you are with respect to your goals and where you need to be.

you must be dependable, efficient, and able to multitask. you must be able to take the initiative, and also be a team player who is able to follow instructions. you may simply read the sample below or download the template (available for google docs and word online). maintain a flawless personal appearance and professional demeanor. key achievements: macy’s, santa monica, casales associate (may 2015 – june 2018)skillfully handled product sales and returns at perfume counter of high-volume department store. assisted customers with product selections and described current sales promotions; meticulously ensured the cleanliness and order of merchandising displays. use skills to highlight your experience: use these skills as keywords to highlight what you can do.

sales associate skills 1. communication and interpersonal skills when interfacing with customers 2. what kind of skills do you need to be a sales associate? money-handling skills communications and customer retail sales associate top skills & proficiencies: customer service organization sales product knowledge., .

sales associates are most commonly found working for retailers who sell think about the duties of a sales associate and add the sales associate skills and duties you’d like to have. resume keywords: customer service tech savvy bilingual communication skills math generating sales excellent sales associate skills proven work experience as a retail sales associate, sales representative or similar role basic,

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