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the trouble is, pearls of wisdom such as these are so broad as to be practically intangible – they apply to just about every other industry and can be gleaned from any advice column. you are the liaison between your company or product and the consumer. whether you teach yourself or take a course, learning how to optimize your product online is critical to keeping ahead of the game. as a liaison between consumer and product, you need to know how to interpret and analyze that data. could you hold your own in a conversation about the state of your own product market? strong interpersonal skills (from a persuasive elevator pitch to casual small talk) will separate you from the indiscriminate sea of faceless names on a screen – and support your personal rapport and energy in your online communication.

a book publisher would look to hire someone familiar with the literary world. demonstrate a willingness to learn and show your employer that you’re able to quickly internalize critical information so that you can market and sell your product to clients with confidence. you need to hook your market with engaging, entertaining and informative text in multiple forms of media. both your spoken and written words need to be positive and persuasive to your audience, whoever they might be. most sales and marketing jobs will leave the details up to you – and assess your performance based on results. she has interned with a variety of publications, from corporate guidebooks to toronto’s where magazine.

as employers recognise the need to develop a marketing culture within organisations, customer service and selling skills are becoming a requirement for many employees, not just for those employed directly in sales and marketing. organisational responses include: not all sales and marketing roles require the same skills to the same level. this was reported to be associated with the levels of skill required to deal with increasingly sophisticated and powerful customers.

recruitment difficulties did not appear to be significant, and employers were not having difficulties attracting the required volume of graduate applicants. some employers were adapting to the changes in marketing and selling by developing new approaches to training. business-to-business: sales and marketing were beginning to merge. opportunities for those working in telesales roles to move into face-to-face sales were being limited, both by the expansion of telesales and the reduction of field sales.

be specific. many marketing and sales roles require specialist knowledge. an company selling high-tech product and service knowledge was one reason given for recruiting sales people from the internal labour market. sales and marketing – knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services., . knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. this includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems.

1. product knowledge 2. strategic prospecting skills 3. rapport building on the call 4. buyer-seller agreement 5. insights and research for marketing, sales development and sales understanding the buyer buyer-responsive selling. proficient knowledge of an email platform such as mailchimp is highly respected in marketing job,

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