retail selling skills

is the ability to excel at retail selling an instinctive talent that you have to be born with and that can’t be learned? selling products or services that aren’t genuinely useful, enjoyable, or in some other way beneficial to a particular customer may help a retail sales associate and their short-term sales, but in the long run, you can’t be a great salesperson if you don’t consistently sell value over price to your customers. this hose has a triple reinforced and insulated lining preventing that and staying flexible even when it freezes.” what the customer really wanted was to not have a hose that broke. the hose company saw a need in those types of customers and came out with premium hoses to help them.

for example, if you were selling all-leather shoes and a customer kept talking about how much they got caught in the rain, it would be a good upsell to show them the rainproof spray at the counter. show customers that you genuinely care about their experience and want to help them. the more you can and that leads to understanding body posture. remember that you’re selling them something that will make their lives better (or you should be), and your attitude ought to reflect that to the customer.

have you ever completed a presentation and closed the sale only to find that you spent the last ten minutes demonstrating a product your customer was not interested in? there are many things in selling that may be out of your control, but understanding your customer’s needs is not one of them. to understand your customer’s needs you must be able to ask lifestyle questions that help to discover their specific requirements, explore additional needs based on their lifestyle, and then narrow down their choices. quick tip: if you are struggling to determine which product to recommend, tell your customer you have two models in mind but that the deference is a specific feature. you likely have dozens of customers entering your store or department every day and you get into conversations with most of them.

through your qualifying conversation you should have learned about your customer’s lifestyle and how your product may fit into it. quick tip:  if you qualified your customer effectively and presented a product that would meet their needs, a great technique for handling an objection is called the “boomerang.”  simply turn the objection around on the customer by saying “i understand…but didn’t you say that you wanted a product with ________ features and benefits?” a study by a major national retailer found that when a customer was not greeted upon entering their stores the customer only made a purchase 32% of the time. but it gets even better, because if a customer said “just looking” but was then re-approached after a few minutes, the success rate for closing a sale went up to over 70%! if your customer is wearing a sports jersey, talk about that team; if it is raining outside, talk about the weather; or if they have children with them, ask about their ages. casual chit-chat shows your customer that you are not threatening and that you care about them as people! contact us to inquire about our retail sales training seminarsand on-line retail courses.

not at all. almost anyone can learn to be a great retail seller if they follow these retail selling skills retail sales skill #1: qualifying quickly and effectively retail sales skill #2: motivating customers to build “yes” punctuality, reliability and flexibility – let your employees know what distinct advantages they will have if they are, .

retail skills are skills that involve selling products to consumers. these skills are required for many different retail retail selling skills are as good as the person using them. often times it is not the skills that are lacking, but rather in this blog article, we take a look at those retail sales skills that all of your floor staff should have. these include,

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