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over a period of time, i have realised that the best public speakers in this world have a few things in common. the way you dress and the way you carry yourself on stage will have a huge impact on the quality of your presentation 2) content & knowledge: you cannot speak that you do not know. read as much as possible about the topic and from as many sources as possible. 3) audience profile: as a public speaker you should be well aware of your audience- their background, profession, expectations and priorities. this exercise will provide you with valuable insights about how to structure the talk. how much you believe or do not believe in the topic will be sensed by the audience to great extent. the best public speakers pay a lot of attention to their non-verbal communication- tonal quality and body language.

a simple message can be amplified by variation in tone and appropriate usage of body-movement. 7) medium: once you have done your research about the topic and the audience profile, think about the best medium to convey the message of your presentation. do you really need a power-point or there is a better way of communicating your ideas about the topic? stand in front of a mirror and speak for few minutes on a different topic every day. public speaking is a learnable skill and anybody can master this skill if they decide to. siddhartha sharma is a organizational consultant and a professional motivational speaker. his is the bestselling author of 5 books- love your mondays and retire young, the millionaire entrepreneur, 60 keys to success with nlp, mom i got the job, and tgim-thank god it’s monday.

i have previously taught english to school students while interning with teach for india and also assisted students with preparation for the common law admission test. i work to stimulate the thought process of my students…. experienced in training for ielts and communicative english. i can also educate then in indian history who ever want to learn as well… i believe, “we cannot predict our future but we can create it” my dream is to guide and help each and everyone who connects with me to reach the destination of their dreams and lead a successful happy stress-free life.

i am driven by my interest in human psychology and the passion to motivate people to break their barriers, bring out their hidden… i am a person of practical experience. i will not teach alone the english subject my class also will be practical oriented class based on soft skills where… my methodology would be more on how to apply the skills in real life. i have a greater passion in shaping a student’s language and making them fit to the needs of the interview and their global needs. i teach english to everyone irrespective of the age.

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