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from designing impromptu speeches, to mastering the speech preparation process, to delivering informative and persuasive speeches in the most effective manner, dr. mcgarrity’s course is a deep dive into public speaking skills for professionals of all kinds. each week’s lessons focus on one quality shared by the world’s best public speakers, with advice and instruction on how to develop that quality in yourself. this in-depth course is a good choice for those who want to develop better speaking skills with an understanding of the theories and principles behind effective verbal communications.

the course is designed around the textbook ‘stand up, speak – the practice and ethics of public speaking,’ which is also provided in digital format free of charge. the free resources on their website cover a variety of public speaking topics and scenarios, from preparing a speech, to presenting awards, to giving sales pitches and more. ‘talk the talk: how to give a great presentation’ is a free, 6-week online course that uses resources including ted talks videos to demonstrate the art of effective public speaking. and of course, once you have your public speaking skills up to par, you’ll want to focus on the most valuable, in-demand skill of all: programming!

i’m here to tell you that you can also overcome your fear and develop your public speaking skills with a little bit of effort and persistence. i believe that becoming a confident and effective public speaker is the best way to establish your expertise and advance your career. to help you get started, i created this quick guide so you can start practicing your public speaking skills in a safe environment. with a little practice, you will also be able to manage your fear and gain a basic mastery of effective public speaking techniques so you can start reaching a larger audience in your community.

after taking this online course, you will know how to: if you’re not familiar with toastmasters, it is a highly-regarded non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for “the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.” the kind of people who go to toastmasters are typically highly-motivated to improve their skills and advance their careers. start out by preparing a presentation in powerpoint, keynote or prezi on a topic that you specialize in and will be of interest to other people. after you have your presentation ready, reach out to the organizers of some local meetups that you interest you. after taking the introduction to public speaking course on coursera, doing a few speeches at toastmasters and delivering a presentation at a local meetup i can guarantee that you will be well on your way to overcoming your fear of public speaking and becoming a confident speaker in front of a large audience.

do you want to practice public speaking, improve your communication and build leadership skills? with toastmasters, you 5. speakers. centennial, co, united states (2.32 mi) 12:05 – 12:55 pm / thursday speech masters advanced club. public speaking groups near you. got u laughing improv comedy. 2330 comedy improvisors. singles in business & entrepreneur life “mastermind group” 1533 networking professionals. toastmasters district 48. 1304 toastmasters. dunedin yes! ( young entrepreneurs society) 416 members., .

largest fear of public speaking groups 1 london public speaking free presentation online weekly group 2 up your speaking game and conquer your fear of talking in front of groups with these free resources. like most people, i used to be terrified of public speaking. just the thought of when you are up on stage, you have the captivate attention of large groups of people. if you know what,

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