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sharpen your team’s communication skills – in person or virtually – to give unforgettable presentations, move into leadership, and speak up on behalf of what they believe in. allison shapira will give them the essential tools they need to conquer fear, capture attention, motivate action, and take charge of their careers. she is the founder/ceo of global public speaking llc, a communication training firm that helps emerging and established leaders speak clearly, concisely, and confidently. cnn senior political analyst, harvard kennedy school professor of public service, and former white house advisor to four presidents i have gotten a ton of fantastic feedback from our conference participants. everyone appreciated the exercises and the chance to practice in a very safe and fun way.

thank you for realizing that your gifts must be shared and for doing all you do for women and men that cross your path. you may have taught for just an hour, but that hour changed my life last year, and i have you to thank you. allison’s brilliant workshop gave the (red) team many of the tips and tools needed to become engaging public speakers. if they are better pitchers, you have played a big part in saving many lives. as a planner and trainer, i was so pleased to see a full room with an audience so thoroughly engrossed in your presentation. the exercises were especially useful, and i was especially proud of how well our intern shined during his brief speech.

and, as any public speaker knows, the business of presenting to a large audience is a confidence trick: that is, a speaker who seems to be at ease will put their audience at ease. a speaker with a look of sick terror and a tremor in his or her voice will communicate his or her own baleful vibes of unease to the audience, and enter a vicious circle. advice to those who have to speak in public – be it to a board meeting or the meeting of a boardgames society – is a vast industry. i should say that the idea of a how-to guide for aspiring orators is not exactly a new one.

groskop points, too, to youtube and instagram stories as examples of how public speaking is “getting into our lives” in a way it never has before. the autocue can be a great help, but you need to learn to use it as if it isn’t there. know your audience, know your speech and know (if possible) the space in which you’re to speak. what groskop calls “exposure” (aka speaking again and again in public) is the only way to get real confidence, but practising in private is a start. be smart with the technology use a lectern to hold your notes, not as a bulletproof screen between you and the audience.

allison shapira is a keynote speaker, trainer, a world-renowned expert on public speaking & presentation skills, from ‘pitch coaches’ to ted talkers, there’s an industry of self-help books about public speaking. for years now i’ve been quietly teaching public speaking workshops in-house at corporations and organizations and, .

follow this advice from 15 of the top public speaking experts out there to nail any persuasive stephen lynch is from london and advises lawyers on issues relating to brexit and financial services. learn how to become a confident, eloquent, and engaging public speaker. as a powerful opener; our expert interviews with,

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