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with that being said i migrated to a different platform and theme to leverage these lessons but interestingly enough i leverage almost all of the lessons included in this blog post i just tightened up my blog copy, my seo focus and like most things, i’m always tweaking long after i press the damn button. on top of speaking full-time, i’m also a daily content creator, and i knew this site would need to be different from past websites i’ve created. i planned on narrowing it down to 5 or 6 websites that i could use as inspiration for my site but settled at 10. in full transparency, i’m friends with most of these speakers, but that didn’t influence this list. besides the obvious of him being a mentor, in the same speaker agency, and using the same platform, his site hits a homerun when it comes to my three areas of focus. kindra is a master storyteller, and her site screams storytelling with bold colors, great use of fonts, and video in many places but not too much video footage.

she does everything, and her site has everything, but it doesn’t feel busy as the infinite scroll tells a bold story. andrew is the best speaker i’ve ever seen on stage and i’m thankful to call him a friend and mentor. as for his website, i love how simple the navigation is, and he does a great job of sharing his accomplishments with pictures but in a fun storytelling way. the author of iconic has a site that screams experience and wisdom, combined with bold, dynamic photos and graphics. for hybrid events and meetings to create unique and valuable experiences, they must focus on three things: shrinking the distance, building a 365 always-on community, and a mindset shift from a 2d world to a 360° one.

a speaker website that helps solve some of your problems, keeps you interested and helps to provide value from the outset can be an excellent choice and provide you with the right inspiration from the beginning. he is not only a speaker but provides training to others who want to learn to be keynote or motivational speakers and his site reflects the work that he has done. leadership can make or break a team during the event planning process and if your event or brand is looking for speakers on leadership these are some of the best in their field.

from the outset you can see that mark has a lot of experience and his website has testimonials from prior speaking events from fedex to costco about his leadership and motivation specialty. as a business speaker and management and organization professor at the university of michigan he has plenty of speaking experience. the up-to-date blog is particularly useful and provides good value to readers as well as the shop that you can browse for resources! in addition to this, the videos and previous speeches provide good value to those wanting inspiration on topics for a corporate or business speaker.

i knew i would need a website dedicated only to my public speaking business. on top of speaking a speaker website that helps solve some of your problems, keeps you interested and helps to provide before you ever build your speaker website, you need to know what target market you’re going for. what’s the purpose, .

it helps me to understand, how speaker can be promoted by website, to his target audience. reply. “within a week of launching my new website, a meeting planner found me online and wanted to hire me to speak at a talks, take bookings online, and update your blog. ready to take your audience by storm? create your website,

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