project management dashboard

sure, you can pack all this information into an excel spreadsheet and hope for the best, but that is a long-outdated method of organizing a project. you can view your projects as task lists, kanban boards, gantt charts, and calendars and switch between views with a single click. the project dashboard layout is fully customizable, as are financial and portfolio kpis, so you can track project health. once your task data is entered in, you can filter by status, type, assignee, due date, or anything else you can think of and project the information as a calendar, kanban board, task list, gantt chart, gallery, or form.

notion is a savvy project management tool with a broad range of use cases: product development, engineering, hr, design, sales, marketing, and basically anything else you can dream up. hive is a project management tool with dashboards to help you navigate tasks, reporting, and communications. the flexibility of how you can use different tools is definitely a pro; you can build any type of task and project system that you can imagine. whether you need a dashboard to cater specifically to one element of your work, like a timesheets tracker, or an all-in-one management solution, there is a project management dashboard software out there for you.

a project management dashboard is a data-driven platform that displays metrics, stats, and insights that are specific to a particular a project dashboard is a high-level view of your project that tracks progress, costs and more. projectmanager’s dashboard does all that in real time. here’s a a project management dashboard is one that offers a 360° overview of a project’s status, insights, and data points., .

a project management dashboard helps project teams track projects by showing high-level metrics for project progress as well as project task a project management dashboard is a data dashboard that displays key performance indicators pertaining to specific projects. a project management dashboard overviews of the 10 best project management dashboard tools celoxis wrike nutcache airtable notion hive proworkflow., . what is a project management dashboard? what should be included in a project dashboard? how do i create a project management dashboard? why are dashboards important in project management?

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