project and development life cycle

the project life cycle is based on the industry in which the project is being conducted, the organization’s preferences, and the development approach (for example plan driven versus agile). a project life cycle can use a plan-driven or change driven development approach, or a hybrid of the two. they are based a decision to plan and manage a project using a particular development approach. it requires detailed planning for scope, schedule, cost and other constraints early in the project life cycle before the work begins to produce project deliverables. these types of projects are iterative and incremental. a hybrid life cycle is a combination of the predictive and adaptive approaches.

the choice of development approach will influence how the project manager tailors their planning, managing, and controlling of the project. the pm uses them to lead the development approach and make sure the work that is represented in the project life cycle is completed efficiently and effectively. the overall project management process can be managed though the structure of the five process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling. project management tends to occur in a certain order, but it is also dynamic, meaning that managing a project is not linear. both the development approach and the project life cycle are required elements of the project management plan. understand that the project life cycle is unique and relevant for the pm and the project management plan, so you do not misinterpret exam questions.

in a more simplified words; the project management life cycle comprises of the stage or phases that each project goes through. this means that, each phase is monitored and controlled during the development of the project phases. coming to the different types of the project life cycles, you may see the detailed explanation on each life cycle in the following. but waterfall is still a good lifecycle approach if you have the development time and you know what you want to deliver.

as the name implies, you execute the project in small iterations, giving you the ability to better define requirements at the start of each cycle. adaptive life cycle (change-driven, aka agile) – everyone wants rapid development these days, so when you need to execute a project fast, agile is the way to go. but don’t forget, especially when you are going at the speed of light, that each iteration should still be a complete cycle of plan, develop, evaluate, and learn. you can use a predictive approach for the elements of the project that are known and an adaptive approach for the elements that will become apparent over time.

a project life cycle is a progression through a series of developmental stages. it’s how you organize doing the work of the project – the generally each project has four phases; initiation, planning, execution and closure. the monitoring and controlling stands in the center of this project lifecycle in its basic form consists of the stages that the project goes through from initiation to closing. it has a collection of logical project, project life cycle, project life cycle, project management life cycle, project life cycle pdf, project life cycle vs development life cycle.

the project management life cycle is usually broken down into four phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closure. these phases make up the path that a standard project typically has the following four major phases (each with its own agenda of tasks and issues): initiation, planning, implementation, and the project management lifecycle consists of four steps: initiating, planning, executing, and closing., project life cycle models, project management life cycle pdf. what is a project development life cycle? what are the five stages of the project life cycle? what is the difference between project life cycle and development life cycle? what are the 4 phases of the project life cycle explain?

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