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discover how to present information at work clearly and concisely, and learn techniques to improve your presentation skills. you’ll learn to create effective slides to support your message and build the skills to improve your presenting and delivery style in what could be a high-stakes situation. start straight away and learn at your own pace. this course is designed for young people who have digital skills but would like to build confidence in using digital technology in the workplace.

the course will also be useful for anyone in employment who wants to boost their digital skills or anyone returning to the workplace who’d like to gain confidence in how working practices have evolved. i’m a lead educator for a few of the future learn courses. as one of the uk’s largest research-based universities, the university of leeds is a member of the prestigious russell group and a centre of excellence for teaching. the institute of coding is a family of learners, businesses and educators creating a new way to develop the digital skills needed at work and beyond.

the pause turns into a silence, and the silence seems to go on for an eternity. panic starts to rise again — a train track is between him and the opportunity of his career. he is so out of breath that he can barely speak and the security guard doesn’t speak good english. to engage your audience, there are just three things you need to do in your first minute: establish your purpose and the benefits your audience will get from listening to you: most of us know that we need to start a talk with our aims. however, there is good evidence to show that audiences are more likely to listen to and learn from speakers that they deem credible, so it is important to establish this in the first minute of your talk. first, think of a few stories that are relevant to the one single purpose you identified in your first minute.

be aware of your feet: look at yourself consciously next time you give a talk, and see what your feet are doing. then have a number of ‘stations’ around the stage (for example, to the left and right of your screen) where you can move between points, to keep your audience’s interest and make clearer distinctions between points. now, once you’ve learned to make every single word of every single sentence in your talk really count, consider how to put emphasis on the key point of each and every sentence, to demonstrate to your audience why it matters. however, it is important to remember that most people will only remember a fraction of your talk, and you have put in effort already to make sure that they remember the most important point. use your visual aids to add impact, not as your notes: how often have you been to a high-impact plenary talk that is full of dense text on the screen? creating a talk that truly inspires change will take time, but many of your greatest opportunities to achieve impact from research may arise from the power of your talks, and the distance they start to travel.

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