persuasive selling skills

you already know that, in this day and age, you can’t be pushy or aggressive when trying to sell. pushiness will only turn off prospective customers, make you fit into the “sales stereotype,” eliminate all trust you might have built, and reduce your credibility. developing your persuasive skills in sales will go a long way to helping you meet your quota and boost your conversion rate. in order to be persuasive, you must take the time required to get to know the customer you’ll be talking to. having effective persuasive skills in sales requires you to build relationships with clients. people are more likely to do what you want them to do if they like you and trust you. be genuine and honest in your selling, get a little personal, and put the customer experience above the sale, and you’ll be on your way to more effective persuasive selling. people give more value to the things that they have difficulty getting. while you certainly want to talk about what the prospects will gain by purchasing your product or service, you can be very persuasive by making themrealize just how much they’ll lose if they don’t commit.

an effective way to boost your persuasive skills in sales and close more deals is to work on positioning your product or service in a way that shows it’s valued by others. and this fear can lead to hesitation that can make you lose the sale. however, hesitant prospects will often change their tune and be convinced to buy if they can see that others have benefited from the same purchase. share reviews of experts who boast the product’s excellence. if you want to develop your persuasive skills in sales, then you must absolutely improve your listening skills. giving your prospect time to talk, ask questions, and share concerns, and learning how to listen effectively to what is actually being said, will help you to show that you care, better meet the prospect’s needs, and overcome all hesitations and objections. in today’s business world, you must eliminate all pushiness from your selling and replace it with persuasive skills instead. as a director of client services, her main objective is to connect great people to great companies by building strong relationships with both top clients and candidates in the sales industry. she specializes in sales roles of all seniority levels for both enterprise and start-up clients north american wide.

a sale is a negotiation between you and the customer. with many people the obvious benefits aren’t enough and they need some further persuasion to make their purchasing decision. that feeling of being connected in some way can then be used as a springboard to building trust. once you know their main problems/concerns, you can use your pitch to tell them how your product/service will solve these issues and benefit the customer. there will always be reasons for the customer to say ‘no’. try to look at your pitch from the receiving end before you go in there and consider all the arguments that could arise against it. keep reaching out to those people that aren’t yet on board with what you are selling. but persistence often leads to a win if you time it correctly and take the right approach.

some of the most persuasive leaders in the world will work a person’s name into the conversation just enough to build their ego but not enough that it appears obvious. try it with your next sales pitch and see how the person’s response differs. body language can be a key part of influencing how a person reacts to what you are saying. this helps to build rapport with the person you are talking to, which will then make it easier to persuade them. if you demonstrate confidence in yourself and what you are selling, this will encourage people to feel confident in you/what you are offering too. what persuasion and influencing tips and techniques do you use in sales? discover our range of courses to support your goals; from…… can #marketing models that are over 50 years old still be relevant for today’s marketer? learn how to use a data-driven approach with our 5-week online co……

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