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such manuals exist already, and citations to them are included at appendix 1. the purpose of this publication is to assist agencies in developing policies and procedures for implementing pbsc. as evidenced by the results of the pledge, incentives for agencies to implement pbsc are numerous. application of only selected aspects of the total pbsc methodology is not likely to be successful, and can even cause a reduction in the value of services provided. the assistant secretary of the navy for research, development and acquisition emphasized to the navy acquisition community the goals of pbsc and indicated that pbsc should be adopted at all contracting activities. agencies experienced in the use of pbsc have established a process that provides a useful model to follow when implementing pbsc. ft. bragg established a process action team (pat) to develop a standard format for the pws and qap. the railroad retirement board converted a contract for data entry services to include a performance-based statement of work. agencies should provide the contractor an estimate of the workload to be performed and the items and services that the government will furnish to the contractor for the performance of the contract. some agencies have placed a performance requirement in the pws for the incumbent contractor to maintain accurate workload data. care must be taken to ensure that the incentive structure reflects both the value to the government of the various performance levels, and a meaningful incentive to the contractor. it also specifies a standard of performance for the required tasks and the quality level the government expects the contractor to provide. under the navy contract for aircraft maintenance, the contractor is held to a standard of performance and is empowered to use best commercial practices and management innovation in performance.

together, they received pws training and developed a strategy for implementing pbsc in the pledge. to the extent possible, agencies should disseminate draft rfps and solicitations electronically. a good qap should include a surveillance schedule and clearly state the surveillance method(s) to be used. the qae should be identified with a letter of assignment that includes a copy of the contract and surveillance plan. a copy of the letter should be provided to the administrative contracting officer. when the use of time and material/labor hour contracts is appropriate, agencies should employ pbsc methods to the maximum extent feasible. a labor-hour arrangement could be used for the remainder of the requirement that could not be sufficiently defined or to accommodate unpredictable spikes in workload. the program team was pared from the typical 80-100 people to a cross-functional team of 20 people. it contributes to an increased level of sensitivity in the command for handling contractor problems, and results in the solution of most problems presented without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. each situation is different and the adr technique and procedures must be tailored to a particular situation and the needs of the parties. the list is intended as a guide, and not to be all-inclusive or restrictive. this alternative dispute resolution (adr) agreement is entered into by (name of organization) and (name of organization) to establish a procedure to resolve a dispute that has arisen during the performance of contract (contract number and date).

the qap. (see attachment 6 for sample plan) becomes part of the contract administration plan, and is appendix 10- performance-based service contracting templates for professional and technical services [no performance based contracting is a results-oriented contracting method that focuses on the outputs, quality, or outcomes , performance based contracting pros and cons, performance based contracting pros and cons, performance based contracts for services should include select all that apply, pay for performance contract, larger provider groups often use performance based or value based contracting.

prescriptive vs. performance. specification examples agencies use performance-based contracting methods to the periodic assessment of contractor performance should emphasize clear examples of performance standards. the purpose of this subcontract is to introduce performance-based contracting through issuance of a fixed-price, award- , performance based business environment, performance based maintenance, performance based maintenance, contracting best practices, performance requirements summary

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