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cnvc is committed to the vision of a critical mass of the world’s population using nonviolent communicationsm (nvc) to resolve differences peacefully. we want to emphasize that the center has a unique perspective in offering certification, and that may be different from the assumptions some candidates start with. for cnvc, certification is a validation and celebration of a new colleague joining our community. in essence, it is an annual renewal of your commitment to the organization. the certification team members who support trainer candidates on their journey toward certification are called “assessors.” when you enter the certification process, we invite you to the challenge of experiencing this shift.

the path to cnvc certification is comprised of six steps: pre-registration, registration, preparation for assessment (3-5 years), core-assessment, assessment, certification, in sequence. the certification preparation packet of materials is designed to support candidates in deepening their nvc consciousness, teaching skills, and understanding of nvc concepts. whether or not you decide to pursue cnvc certification, we hope that your enthusiasm for spreading and sharing nvc will continue. we request that you follow these guidelines, or use the contact form and choose certification as the subject with your question and to request further information. if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your interest with one of our training staff, please contact certification the cnvc educational services team is an international working group, composed of cnvc assessors, the ccc (certification coordinator council) and office support personnel in albuquerque, new mexico, usa. they are responsible for receiving requests for registration as a certification candidate, mutually supporting candidates through the certification process, and providing assessments leading to mutual agreement and certification.

we’re glad to hear of your enthusiasm! it typically takes about 3-5 years although that depends on many factors. new website created by the english speaking europe assessment team (eseat) you can now go to a newly formed website to get many of your questions answered about how to become a certified nvc trainer/facilitator. is there a person i can talk to about becoming a certified trainer and how i might proceed?

gina is part of the english speaking european assessment team (eseat). if you’d like to talk to gina about the certification process, she requests that you respect her time by reading the certification preparation pack pack prior to contacting her. shona cameron: ‘i became a ct in 2006. since then every time i have asked for support, i have been able to reach out to trust and find it. the words “certified trainer” mean so much more to me than becoming the person standing at the front of a room full of people- they have meant that i am part of a family.’ penny spawforth: ‘i so valued the process of becoming a certified trainer – at times it was challenging but i have grown so much – and the group assessment at the end was, believe it or not, the best bit!

at least one year of teaching nvc as a non-certified trainer, including leading workshops and practice groups; dr. jasmin benser, cnvc certified trainer, germany. gail donohue nvc academy multimedia library. © 2020, the cnvc certified trainers possess the knowledge and skills to provide support in your path to nvc proficiency., nonviolent communication, nonviolent communication, nonviolent communication certification, free nvc training, nvc academy.

currently, the international body called cnvc (centre for nonviolent communication) certifies facilitators as nvc trainers by the time you become a cnvc certified trainer, you will have acquired: a strong grounding in nvc consciousness, at present, hundreds of cnvc certified trainers and supporters are teaching nvc skills to people from all walks of life,

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