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agile project management is a methodology that adheres to the values and principles conveyed in the agile manifesto and follows the idea of short development cycles being the most effective way to deliver a product or service as it allows for continuous improvement and is susceptible to change. if you’re a project online professional or project online premium subscriber, you get to enjoy the perks of creating agile projects or applying agile views to existing projects. tracking a project needs to be visual, and there’s no better visual project management tool that enables you to design, manage, and improve workflow systems than a kanban board. here’s how: having the option to view your project in an agile format is a great feature to have on your project management software.

having a project management tool that enables you to track your project with ease but also includes all the bells and whistles necessary to get the job done as efficiently as possible is a product worth investing in. we want you to feel welcome to comment with your own thoughts, feedback, and critiques, however we do not welcome inappropriate or rude comments. if you’re just here to wreak havoc and have some fun, and you’re not contributing meaningfully to the discussions, we will take actions to remove you from the conversation. ditto avoid complaining we failed to mention certain topics when they were clearly covered in the piece.

so considering project as a database, you can apply this mindset and approach the building of database elements into your schedule in a way that helps you to manage in an agile view and switch back to waterfall, including the elements necessary for filtering, grouping, sorting and reporting. you have to create the layout for those elements that you want to track — that is, custom fields that address the story point, priority, iteration, sprint and the like. it recognizes the inefficiency of doing the full estimation process for tasks that may never be worked on because you may cut or remove scope in early planning.

however, i find that having a deadline allows the technical teams to report progress, and you can have project alert you if the remaining work will slip beyond the overall sprint time period. the key to a group is defining its look and feel and the layers that you need to group. i have found that viewing microsoft project as a relational database really frees up the minds of those who are using it and allows the tool to be used with agile, waterfall or any mix of these methodologies and disciplines. 5 metrics for agile development the basic roles in agile projects leveraging agile in microsoft tools agile disciplines tim runcie, pmp, mcp, mcts, p-tsp, mvp is one of 6 microsoft project mvp’s in north america and has held that title for 17 years in a row.

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