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we also use this access to retrieve the following information: in today’s modern era, the world is changing dynamically. most organizations are adopting technology-aided learning, which enables learners to create, store, and deliver innovative ideas at the workplace. the prime goal of mobile learning is to facilitate learning and improve the learners’ performance matrix. with mobile learning, the interaction is possible via a mobile device, simplifying the process of accessing information anytime and from anywhere. this happens because increasing connectivity means that the trend of social networking is also moving to mobile devices. the learners want to acquire knowledge from training material that is accessible on their own mobile devices.

the nomadic learners who travel the most for business purposes can also avail the benefits of mobile technology to learn at their own pace. with the increasing use of mobile devices, different people have different expectations from e-course content. earlier, the main source of knowledge was classroom-based lectures, which is a linear format with no rewind or fast-forward options. with the evolution of mobile technology, the usable chunks of information become smaller, with increased flexibility and robustness. the increasing use of smartphones and tablets are reshaping how employees can work more proficiently. many organizations use the idea of embedding mobile learning in corporate training to associate learners with real-life scenarios. with mobile learning, learners can learn at their own pace and ultimately gain the expertise to become more successful in their careers.

we also use this access to retrieve the following information: mobile learning for corporate training refers to the anytime, anywhere training that is available on mobile devices. it is a “multi-device” training that is available to the learners on the device of their choice, including smartphones/tablets. smartphones are our preferred tool to access info at the time of need. on account of this, mobile learning solutions are now seen as the future of learning. at ei design, we spotted mobile learning as a game changer for corporate training in 2011. the world was then using flash-based courses predominantly, and we created a custom html5 framework to understand how to design mobile learning solutions and what mobile learning strategies would deliver the required impact.

avatar 1 mobile learning was used to complement traditional elearning wherein parts of formal training were available on select mobile devices (predominantly tablets). avatar 3 with the maturing of microlearning based training approaches, mobile learning saw an acceleration of its adoption for formal structured training. the microlearning-based approach enables a learning path or a learning journey that has multiple, bite-sized nuggets (2–5 mins each). alongside the wider adoption of mobile learning from a user’s perspective, the supporting tools and technologies to craft high-impact mobile learning strategies have also matured. interestingly, these techniques can be used in tandem, and you can leverage on them to create an effective “learning and performance support ecosystem”. i hope the featured mobile learning strategies will aid you in designing high-impact corporate training.

how mobile learning improves corporate training. in today’s modern era, the world is changing how does mobile learning impact corporate training. with the world’s information at the disposal of a mobile phone or learners prefer mobile learning as it offers the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere. find out 9, mobile learning in organizations, mobile learning in organizations.

as one of the first corporate training companies to successfully implement mobile learning, we have created mobile in most organizations’ training deliveries, mobile learning is now becoming a vital approach in how does it impact corporate training? 1. it empowers learners 2. eases access to,

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