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that is why we are also announcing today that microsoft is developing a new learning app in microsoft teams to help employers upskill new and existing employees. we are also pledging that we will make stronger data and analytics available to governments around the world so they can better assess local economic needs. crises have a way of accelerating trends already in motion, and the covid-19 pandemic has proven no exception. all this is made more urgent because of a challenge that has been two decades in the making, namely the decline and then stagnation in employer investments in training. as we have with our work to protect privacy, security, and environmental sustainability, we’ve concluded that the global skills challenge calls for a principled response. using this data, we identified 10 jobs that are in-demand in today’s economy and are well positioned to continue to grow in the future.

these are: finally, we are committed to developing and making available new courses and content that will focus on the skills needed to develop, deploy, and use technology in a responsible way. we have found that these certifications are a powerful asset for job seekers and those looking to advance in an existing role. we will provide $5 million in cash grants to community-based nonprofit organizations that are led by and serve communities of color in the united states. we are committed to sharing data and what we learn from this initiative with governments around the world. to support this, we are developing and will preview a new learning app in microsoft teams later this year, to bring learning into the natural flow of work. we bring a long-term determination and a commitment to do our part.

yet, as they break out into groups to roleplay, the focus is not on facts but skills – and particularly soft skills. the class of 2030, a new paper from microsoft and mckinsey, found that, as manual occupations enter their death spiral, 30 to 40 per cent of future jobs will depend on social-emotional skills. as robots and algorithms come to replace many of the jobs we today consider essential, educators will need to zero in on the elements that make us decidingly human. but to be able to collaborate, co-operate and create new things, that’s still very human.” by 2030, according to the report, jobs such as office support workers and predictable manual work – operating equipment, transportation, factory work – will be in decline. the administrative assistant will go the way of the stenographer and the coal miner will follow the weaver into obsolescence.

“how do we equip them with the skills required for those jobs, so they do not end up leaving the education system into a declining job, a job that only gives you five years?” the classroom of the future, barber says, might not look very different from the classroom of teachers practising their 21st-century skills in canberra. if it’s easy to put in a box and to get an exact answer, software will eventually replace it.” and soft skills won’t just help the adults of the future navigate a world of new jobs. social-emotional skills from flexibility to entrepreneurship can help young people adapt to a world where jobs will change and become obsolete at speed, and where the idea of picking a career path in year 9 or year 10 and sticking with it to retirement is utterly alien. “we should remind kids that the pathway they select to start off with is unlikely to be their final pathway, and that’s ok.” the uncertainty of the future workplace, smith says, should not be a source of fear to parents, students or educators. this fourth industrial revolution will probably be the same.” empowering every educator and student to achieve more with the best microsoft resources, training and tips for education.… microsoft ireland, together with the minister for higher education mary mitchell o’connor, marked world teachers day by launching…

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