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users of the microsoft teams collaboration platform can now use a tab to access the revamped project app for the web that microsoft released last year. project for the web reached general availability last year, offering improved ways for new members to be added to teams and for users to switch between grids, boards and/or timeline (gantt) charts to track progress. the project and its companion roadmap app in teams allow users to create new projects or roadmaps within teams. teams users will gain access to features from project for the web, including the automated scheduling to set effort, duration, and resources from within teams. microsoft has published a guide for using project and roadmap as apps within teams.

microsoft launched the tasks in teams before that, which brings together microsoft’s planner and to-do apps within teams. there are two separate levels of access and usability for project and roadmap in teams. to create and edit projects and roadmaps, users need an appropriate project for the web license. microsoft is also working on notifications in teams to help users see important project and roadmap updates in their team’s activity feed. presenters can also now pin an individual video feed for all attendees to see during a teams meeting.

keep up with your tasks and projects in context of your files, chats, and the rest of your microsoft teams channel using the project and roadmap apps. team members can create new projects or roadmaps, or open existing ones, in microsoft teams and keep communications within the context of work stay on schedule with a powerful app that lets you assign tasks to team members easily, add scheduling when you need it, and track task due dates and timelines., .

this video introduces and demos the project and roadmap microsoft teams is making it easier to manage, track, and collaborate on group projects with the addition of the new project and roadmap the project and its companion roadmap app in teams allow users to create new projects or roadmaps within teams. the apps can be added as tabs, . does microsoft project integrate with teams? is microsoft project in teams free? can microsoft teams manage projects? how do i add a team to microsoft project?

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