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it’s even more important to learn how to manage multiple projects when you split your time between strategy and tactics. ah, the joys of juggling several simultaneous workstreams and being challenged to manage multiple projects at once. then you can plan your time and your team’s time around the most critical tasks for a project. it works by forcing you to carve out time for a particular reason during the day and then sticking to it. what do you need to stay focused? plan for what you know, because business is excellent at randomizing your day.

but wherever you keep your workplace tasks is a great place to start. if you have a team, or access to trusted colleagues who are available to help, then make the most of them. you still have to provide some oversight to your colleague so that you give yourself confidence that the work is being done effectively and to the required standard. you may be able to shift some work around to smooth out the busy times, or you can do some work in advance, get in extra help or plan for pinched schedules. block out some time each week (book a meeting with yourself as the only attendee) to review your progress and take stock of where you are on each project. make sure that you have easy access to the project schedules and to-do lists that relate to your projects. let your project sponsors and managers know when you are available and when you plan to have work completed.

watch my free webinar training on the 3 critical skills you need to manage multiple projects. admittedly, sometimes i do that on a thursday and then have to scramble around to get the tasks done. i don’t have a ‘must do by’ date on my action log but if it helps you to structure your time by seeing the deadlines then by all means add one. when you’ve got the same group of people working on different projects it helps them (and you) to have transparency about what tasks are coming up and when people have time off. the greater visibility you have over how people are allocated, the easier it is to fill up their slack time and avoid the use of contract resources.

the biggest tip i can give you for managing multiple projects at the same time is to keep communication channels open. tell your line manager or project sponsor why that is the case, and what you are doing about it. elizabeth harrin is a fellow of the association for project management in the uk, a trainer, mentor and author. the ceo of liquidplanner believes microsoft project is too complex and it’s too easy to lose sight of what is going on – and then you sum up all the mess with a percent complete. the objective was to bring out a tool that would help people collaborate and fulfill the needs of a trend they had already spotted back in 2003, that of distributed teams.

1. plan before starting anything. when you manage multiple projects, not much should be left to chance. 2. use every tool at your disposal 3. 10 tips to manage multiple projects simultaneously 1. prioritize what’s urgent 2. block your work time 3. create space for 100% focus 4. weed out your the biggest tip i can give you for managing multiple projects at the same time is to keep communication channels open. keep talking to the team leaders, the, .

effective planning is the first step to manage multiple projects. you have numerous projects on board, with numerous clients and stakeholders 5 strategies to manage multiple projects effectively 1. understand the time cycle and fluctuation of your projects 2. centralize your top tips for managing multiple projects step 1: create an integrated plan and schedule step 2: prioritize and delegate step 3: communicate constantly step 4, . how do you manage multiple projects? can a project manager manage more than one project? 9 strategies for successfully managing multiple projectsdesignate one place to house all of your projects.define goals, plans, responsibilities, and expectations at the beginning.prioritize the work that will make the most impact.empower your team to be flexible when priorities change.

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