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you need to captivate your audience. many speakers tell self-deprecating stories, but simply admitting a mistake is a waste if you only use it to highlight how far you’ve come. say you’re speaking to a civic group on behalf of a charity and you realize your presentation is falling flat. then, when the room doesn’t go your way, you can stay positive, focused, and on top of your speaking game. if you would have addressed the point in a later slide, skip ahead. so make sure to include protein in the meal you eat before you need to be at your best.

what will you do if the projector fails? what will you do if the meeting runs long and you only have a few minutes to speak? run through your presentation at the site to ensure it’s ready to go. put all your focus on ensuring the audience will benefit from what you say; never try to accomplish more than one thing. if you need to fit more words on a slide, that means you haven’t tightened your message. so create a structure that allows you to repeat and reinforce key points. as a bonus, that forces you to hone your presentation–and to prepare to shift gears if your presentation takes an unexpected turn.

constantly practicing, refining and improving upon your presentation skills will not only make you a more confident individual, but you will find that you rise quicker to success in your career. the greater confidence you have in your presentation skills will allow you to focus on what actually matters–which is the material that you’re presenting. the first reason being that the minute you have words on the screen, your audience will direct their attention away from you to begin reading and completely tune you out. doing so will improve your presentation skills, make you more likable, and allow your audience to be more receptive to you.

doing so will also relax the format of your presentation, allowing you to feel more confident and relaxed as well. the more excited you are to present your ideas and show off your expertise, the more excited and engaged your audience will be. if you can say everything you need to in half of the time that is allotted, you should do so. as with most things in life, you must continuously work on refining your skills to get better and better.

learning by example — especially from outstanding ted talks — can sometimes be the best way to learn learn presentation skills to help you deliver your next presentation with confidence and calm. impress they depend largely on the same skills as successful business writing and graphic design: clarity, structure, and, .

planning your presentation. once you learn that you’re delivering a presentation, it’s time to plan what toss your powerpoint slides and learn to tell good stories instead. save; share. i was at an energy conference recently presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across. learn more about,

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