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as a toastmasters european champion of public speaking, author of the book how to enhance the performance of public speaking: a pocket coach and the founding director of the public speaking, she helps individuals become effective public speakers. based in switzerland, she provides custom-tailored, interactive training in public speaking for clients and organizations in the academic, not-for-profit and private sectors. it has had more time to develop and evolve. body language is to public speaking what wheels are to cars: it drives the message forward. she says that the farther our body parts are from our brain, the less control we have over them, thus that is why, feet usually tell “the truth”.

once your speech has been internalized and it feels like it’s a part of you, you are likely to experience “speaker’s bliss”. this is a wonderful sensation that fills your body with joy and enables you fully be in tune with what you are doing. if you liked this episode, you might enjoy subscribing to our mailing list. your reviews will encourage me and will help other people to find the podcast. filed under: podcasts tagged with: acting, author, body language, presence, speakers, speaking coach, tedx, trainer, video

i want to try to shift a certain assumption: the assumption that you can learn a skill like public speaking in a one to two-day training course. instead, they worked from the outside in, acting like a band-aid solution and only activating participants into wanting to learn more. while this isn’t a bad result, it defeats the main purpose of why these leaders took this training in the first place. we need time-space and mind-space and body-space in order to learn. now, 10 years into training leaders in the art of effective public speaking, i have finally found a way to move the needle of learning from “activation” to “transformation”.

it breaks the familiar one to two-day training mold that is standard among public speaking trainers and provokes a more profound level of learning. i have realized that there is no way that they can leave transformed after that first day (which is the same as the day-long master class i used to offer). this is a magical day were the windows and doors of their internal worlds begin to open. as participants begin to access their “heart-space”, they move out of thinking about the content and instead, move into living it. this is the plane where actual transformation happens as defined by the online cambridge dictionary: superficially, one to two-day training sessions work for trainers who want to deliver their services in a time-efficient way; for companies who want to tick-the-box and say that they have offered training for their staff; and for employees who want to say that they have had public speaking training but, they don’t lead to personal transformation. it’s time to tell it like it is – short half-day, full-day or two-day training programs in public speaking do not make you into a better speaker…here’s what does: #theleadershipspeakingschool

dr. laura penn is a world-class speaker coach, industry disruptor and founder of the leadership speaking school. radically up-skill in public speaking for all of their live and online speaking needs.” – dr. laura penn, founder of the laura penn, ph.d., is passionate about public speaking. as a toastmasters european champion, .

dr laura penn is known for disrupting the status quo for public speaking. she is founder and ceo laura penn, phd has had enough of watching good people deliver bad presentations. she lives to laura penn, phd is an experienced and well-rounded public speaking coach. as a toastmasters european champion,

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