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and don’t let your ego get in the way. at some point in your career, even if you’re not a salesperson, you’re going to have to sell something — whether it’s your idea, your team, or yourself. “very few parents say they want their kids to grow up to be a salesperson,” he says. focus on understanding the other party — what they need to accomplish and how they measure success.” this will help you tailor your recommendations. “talk to someone who is not an expert in the field, such as your grandmother,” he says.

you’re not begging on bended knee.” another common problem, says steenbergh, is “letting your ego get in the way.” sometimes, you get caught up in “talking about your strengths, and not what your counterpart wants,” he says. think about ways you can “work together in collaboration to improve a product, service, or idea.” if the answer is no, or not yet, use the opportunity to gently probe. “i needed to get a sense of the broader macroeconomic environment george was operating in,” he says. “i am not a salesperson, but i have to represent the best of what we do and why it’s relevant,” he says. a great salesperson takes you where you need to go,’ and it’s true,” he explains.

if you want to really hit the sweet spot with your customers, you need to change your perception of selling. but only you can know which approach is more appropriate to the customer you’re dealing with because you’re the one with all the information in your hands. the whole point of role-playing sales conversations is to get a sense of how they flow and feel. what you need to understand about sales is that it’s a journey of many steps.

no matter where you are in your sales process and no matter what you think should follow next, if the customer isn’t ready and you try to close the deal, you blow it. you still need to persuade them to get on the list of “the most suitable solutions”, though, and get your foot in the door but stopping there would be a mistake. it is the time of the big verdict when all the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch come to light. the beauty of this technique is that it can be used at any stage of the sales process, so you can always use it to simply check if you’re on the right track. once you grasp the fundamentals of effective communication, social psychology, negotiation, active listening and all the other skills that help salespeople succeed, you will not only be able to close more deals, but also lead a richer, happier life.

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