group presentation skills

we can’t all deliver the next gettysburg address, but there are lots of small things you can do prior to your presentation that will help calm your nerves and set you up for a better presentation. the more you mix up your position and setting, the more comfortable you’ll feel with your speech. this shows respect for your fellow presenters while also giving you a chance to feel out the audience. make sure to spend some in the room where you will be delivering your presentation. in fact, many people have a fear of public speaking, so even if the audience seems indifferent, the chances are pretty good that most people listening to your presentation can relate to how nerve-racking it can be.

yes, your presentations should be full of useful, insightful, and actionable information, but that doesn’t mean you should try to condense a vast and complex topic into a 10-minute presentation. knowing what to include, and what to leave out, is crucial to the success of a good presentation. i find that including some jokes and light-hearted slides is a great way to help the audience (and myself) feel more comfortable, especially when presenting them with a great deal of information. while you don’t want to be jutting out your chest in an alpha gorilla pose all afternoon (somebody enjoyed dawn of the planet of the apes a bit too much), studies have shown that using power stances a few minutes before giving a talk (or heading to a big interview) creates a lasting sense of confidence and assurance. the more you present, the better you’ll be, so consider joining a toastmaster club to become a top-notch orator.

presenting in a group brings its own unique set of challenges, and needs a set of skills that can be difficult to master. if you are giving a group presentation, its because the audience wants to see, hear, and get to know everybody in the group. in your group, you may have some members with great presentation skills, and some with terrible presentation skills. give each team member an equal amount of time in the spotlight if you can. just because you want everyone to present equally doesn’t mean that you should simply chop your presentation into chunks and give each team member their own chunk. if you have someone on your team who is afraid to speak, or has a phobia of public speaking, get them involved in another way. perhaps they draw attention to specific areas of the powerpoint.

during your group presentation you want to show how well you work as a team. “coming together moments” are little moments in the presentation where you all do something together. it may be tempting to break a presentation down into parts, and have the rest of the team stay silent while one person presents their part, and then move on to the next speaker with the next part, and so on. have some good natured back-and-forth conversations. throw the presentation around to each other. that you are all on the ball, and actively engaging with each other. master these four key presentation skills as a group and take your pitches, presentations and meetings to the next level. the big boss who can make all your dreams come true.

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