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the business freedom speaking academy was created to give aspiring and established speakers like you the tools you need to share your story with the world. the bfsa is a five-day intensive speaker training that will teach you how to become a highly successful speaker. in an intimate teaching environment, eric edmeades will show you how he overcame a paralyzing fear of public speaking to become an internationally renowned speaker, and how you can too. i am able to communicate with our employees on a level that shows them increased care and respect and they reciprocate. eric’s speaker training will set you up with the skills to become a world class speaker if that’s what you desire, but it will go so much further than just speaking. his team is amazing and i would happily give my time to volunteer with a group just to witness from the outside the transformations that take place. after attending the 2017 business freedom speaking academy in barcelona, gautam went on to give his very own tedx talk called the wheel of modern education.

an impeccable speaker in his own right, eric can clearly express the core concepts, strategies and techniques that have created decades of speaking success for him, and his hundreds of students. because each group is different, eric prefers to gauge the energy of the group and plan the itinerary from there. the business freedom speaking academy was designed to kickstart your public speaking skills in a very short amount of time. we also ask for you to have three possible stories in mind that you would like to share and use as the material for your talks and exercises. yes, everyone will have a chance to speak with eric during breaks. day 5 always goes late into the night and we dont want you to miss a moment of it. you are coming to this event to learn and to develop new skills. it is worth spending some time before you come to really think about how improving your professional and public speaking skills will impact your life, relationships, and business.

he has a brilliant business mind and you should count yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him and you should be terrified if he is working with your competitor. eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter because he knows how to instantly connect with the audience. eric is one of the best speakers in the world. eric is one of the people i admire most for his ability to walk his talk. when he talks about success in business you know he achieved it. having just completed eric’s seminar i can tell you that it is so inspiring and so practical that our team did over £7,200 of real business during the seminar which then resulted in £500 being donated to an orphanage in china. i really recommend this program for powerful and practical business and marketing ideas! i would recommend the seminar to anyone in business. this program was really different; i got real and tangible results which is a bit different from some of the other seminars i have been to.

he is a very insightful business mentor and that really shines through during this program. he really walks the talk and is one of the best speakers i have ever seen. and i have seen so many! my approach to myself, my life, my potential and those of others has been transformed. i have just finished eric edmeades’ program and all i can say is that if you want to take your business to an entirely new level, then this is the event you need to be at. i wasn’t sure what to expect this weekend. thank you for the power of this breakthrough. before the course i went through a period of not attracting wealth / money. i literally experienced a breakthrough. eric is one of the best speakers i have come across, and more importantly, he can get you to take the action that you need, to take a massive step forward towards your goals.

in this mindvalley podcast, globally celebrated founder of wildfit eric edmeades is about to share the learn from eric edmeades, founder of the business freedom speaking academy learn what it takes to confidently deliver a powerful speech or presentation. register for our free 5 day eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter because he knows how to business freedom speakers academy., eric edmeades wikipedia, eric edmeades wikipedia, how to become a master in the art of public speaking part 2 of 2 eric edmeades, eric edmeades speaking academy, eric edmeades podcast.

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