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it integrates the vision of corporate leaders and stakeholders with the plans for making that vision a reality over time. project managers are familiar with the frustrating case of the project that is delivered on time, on budget, and to specifications but is a failure in the larger organizational sense because it is irrelevant to the corporate mission or to the competitive stance of the company. linking strategy directly to the projects that are organized to carry it out eliminates this frustration—and saves a good deal of time and money as well. as project management becomes more and more essential to the achievement of strategic organizational goals, these practices will gain in importance for all project stakeholders. the management of it to support projects, programs and the portfolio must be centralized in the pmo if it is to optimize its supportive role in strategy execution.

there is a strong correlation between organizational performance and the maturity of pmos. for 83% of respondents, the value added by the pmo goes largely unquestioned, and among mature pmos that figure rises to 94%. that is why it’s important to plan for measurement and to clearly understand the needs and goals of the organization in determining what to measure and why. this type of data collection reduces the amount of effort required to gather data and ensures a greater level of compliance. (2010) the strategic project office: a guide to improving organizational performance, second edition. project management offices on the rise.

some common roles and responsibilities of an enterprise project management office include:  the term epmo is also used to describe program or portfolio management offices. in the past decade, businesses have been learning about and adopting project management as a standard business practice with great success. in real life, this can look like a pmo deciding the project needs more funding to succeed, whereas an epmo may decide that the project spend no longer benefits the business’s main objectives and needs to be readjusted instead.

for example, instead of emailing or pinging your team for reports, stakeholders can access their view of the project materials and get what they need instantly without all the back and forth. one of the most important jobs of an epmo is to find alignment between every project and business goal. and with more and more businesses expanding their teams and working with people from all over the world, having an epmo on your side to skillfully align it all is worth the investment. just remember: your epmo project manager has a lot of balls in the air.

an enterprise project management office (epmo) differs from a traditional pmo in that it operates at a strategic level in collaboration with a strategic (enterprise) pmo (sometimes called the office of strategy management) plays a role in linking the organization’s projects to its strategic plans. an enterprise project management office is a strategic and administrative group that assists project managers with ongoing projects at large, epmo roadmap, epmo roadmap, epmo vs pmo, epmo meaning, epmo roles and responsibilities.

an enterprise pmo is a centralised strategic function of an organisation that operates with enterprise executives and key decision makers to provide enterprise wide support for all project, program and portfolio management activities. while the epmo is not a new concept, models like lean portfolio management and value stream management make them even more relevant. the paper highlights the challenges faced by organizations having traditional pmos and the need for an enterprise. pmo. the paper further discusses the the enterprise project management office, enterprise pmo, or epmo concept has gained a lot of traction in recent years. the “pmo” in the, strategic pmo, epmo software, epmo framework, epmo healthcare. what is the difference between pmo and epmo? what is a pmo position? what is the main role of pmo?

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