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clearly, they’re opening up new risks and opportunities for every sector of the world economy. such “futurology” may offer you the big picture, but what does a digital world mean for you, personally? this course provides you an answer to these questions, and it does so from a unique perspective: by introducing you to the world of intelligence analysis. then, it offers you mental models and practical frameworks developed by the us intelligence community to give you a cognitive edge understanding the digital world. this analytic toolkit has nothing to do with tired, static mba-style strategy frameworks. instead, these tools to help you come to grips with the volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and deception of the digital age. in short, take this course to acquire a sustainable business advantage through clearer, more structured thinking. the assignments/readings are interesting and insightful.

i would definitely recommend it to the learner community. let’s go back to something i said earlier, which is the idea that go and jeopardy and chess, these are games of perfect information. in the meantime, i think i said, you need to get good at what humans have always been good at and that are really hard for computers. all of these so-called soft skills in a world of centaurs, are actually the new hard skills. it’s this toolkit that the intelligence community can offer you ways of doing best what humans traditionally do best that ai won’t be able to do. you need that because that’s going to be a key value added skill set in a world of ai, in a world of digital centaurs. the reason you need intelligence tools, tools from the intelligence community, is exactly because since the intelligence communities existed, since espionage has existed. this has always been about a game without rules, a game of ambiguity, a game of deception, a game in which things are not clear. ai is good where there are clear rules and big datasets.

jobberman, the single largest job placement platform in nigeria, has partnered with the world’s leading online learning platform, coursera, to offer its widely recognized soft skills training to empower young people with the skills required for career success. this partnership is part of jobberman’s ambitious goal to upskill five million young nigerians in the next five years and providing more value to its participants with a cobranded certificate from coursera, recognized by employers globally. jobberman is the only recruitment services platform in nigeria that offers free training and placement of candidates in dignified work.

the most successful businesses today are the ones that invest in soft skills training for employees; they are growing in revenue and leading their industries. since the introduction of its soft skills training in june 2020, over 40,000 young nigerians (18-35) have been trained and certified. to sign up for the jobberman soft skills training on coursera, go to /softskills. participants who sign up for the training on coursera will have two weeks upon enrollment to finish the training and be certified.

first, this course explains some of the skills that will command a premium in the digital age, and why. then, it offers you how can employers help their people improve their soft skills, and how can employers can measure soft skills? we want your top coursera course/specialization recommendations on the theme of key soft skills in, .

jobberman will offer six courses on coursera, which equip workers with skills in business etiquette, soft skills courses. all subjects business & management; soft skills. learn soft skills with free online courses and moocs from indian institute of technology, kharagpur, rochester,

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