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please consider updating your browser to a newer version. your sales team needs consultative sales training to empower them to create value in the buying experience and differentiate themselves from the competition. richardson sales performance’s consultative selling training program focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation. the consultative selling framework explored in the program gives sales professionals a consistent, repeatable process to more effectively execute their sales conversations.

the video below is used in our consultative selling training program to demonstrate how to overcome sales objections with a consultative approach. upon completing the consultative selling skills training program, your sales team will experience the following business benefits: our vilt solution leverages video and digital technology and 40+ years of sales and learning expertise. we use a ‘learn-by-doing’ methodology, where sellers are actively participating in role plays, problem solving, and brainstorming exercises. this program is available on our digital learning platform, sitting at the heart of a blended learning solution.

the answer is, most of them. despite their best efforts, many value-based sales organizations find themselves routinely commoditized, battling price, and constantly having to renegotiate the business. the traditional solution is training salespeople to become more consultative sellers. 85% of sales training fails to deliver a positive roi. the research is clear; when sellers focus on customer objectives (instead of product pitches) they create more value, which results in bigger, sticker deals, and ultimately, a more differentiated market position. imagine this, a salesperson goes to training where they’re told: focus on the customer. the seller learns skills to ask better questions, get deeper intel, and demonstrate more value to their buyers. there’s a high stake deal on the table.

the sales narrative is the tip of the spear. we’ve identified eight core elements of the sales ecosystem that have a profound impact on sales results. when the sales ecosystem is organized around internal sales targets, you create a transactional sales team. yet at the same time, 78% of business buyers seek a trusted advisor that adds value to their business, not just a salesperson. you can train salespeople all day long, but if you want real transformation, you’ve got to take a hard look at the sales ecosystem surrounding the team. she advises executives and sales teams at organizations like salesforce, linkedin, roche, dave & busters and lisa mcleod is the author of selling with noble purpose. a popular keynote speaker, she is the author of five books, including selling with noble purpose and leading with noble purpose. when the owner, a first generation immigrant, looked into the cash register that night, his jaw dropped. in that moment i knew, helping people make money is a noble endeavor.

consultative sales training dramatically improves the quality of your sales calls. today’s buyers are savvy, but they our study of sales teams revealed: the training is not the problem. consultative style selling works; the the consultative sales training program helps sellers connect with buyers and communicate the value of their product and, .

training clients in ei selling system and emotional intelligence for sales people to enhance influencing and selling skills rain group’s core consultative selling program, rain selling, is a comprehensive sales training seminar. consultative sales training will teach you that the process is not about guiding the customer, but rather the customer,

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