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when hiring us to work with your team, we will partner you with a facilitator early in the process. our team is very happy with the training and the content that was presented. eduardo was very interactive with the group and had excellent ideas to promote thinking and participation. moments of reflection, laughter, and engagement made this a great flag kickoff to the year!” “it was a pleasure to work with charlie last week.

myla was wonderful and our team really appreciated the opportunity to work with her.” “pamela did a great job of engaging our participants in the training. thank you so much for the quality of training and attention to detail. learning about my own communication style was invaluable and i truly believe that i am going to use this information for the rest of my professional career.” “phillip was a great presenter. charles is a great teacher, i would like to have him teach them.” “myla was very professional and brought subject matter expertise to the training. they were informative and very interactive and myla was able to engage the participants throughout the entire presentation.

people don’t speak or write as clearly, concisely or coherently as they could do, with the result that messages are often muddled, incomplete or sometimes don’t get through at all. when working remotely, it’s especially important to have clear channels of communication and to know the best way to get in touch with others. speak first offers a comprehensive suite of communication workshops which meet every need and are appropriate to every level. using practical ‘real-play’ scenarios, participants improve their ability to ask questions, listen actively and summarise to check understanding, and leave the programme more able to minimise misunderstandings and to maximise communication effectiveness.

all our learning solutions stand on their own as high-quality and high-impact interventions, but they’re at their very best when delivered as part of a wider programme. here are all of our communication skills courses. speak first create innovative learning solutions across a multitude of platforms that exceed individual and organisational learning outcomes. creating a solution that’s right for your organisation, your people and their values is at the heart of what we do. whether training is standard, tailored or bespoke your people will leave with the skills and confidence they need our ‘off-the-shelf’ training is of exceptional quality and far from standard.

udemy has a host of top-rated courses to learn when it’s best to deploy these different communications skills. communication with tact and diplomacy, managing up, dealing with difficult people, understanding people style, using emotional intelligence, or. listening to others, communication skills instructor-led training outline. building a foundation. setting clear goals for your communication. avoiding communication breakdowns. translating across communication styles. listening for improved understanding. achieving genuine communication. cross-cultural communication., .

harness strong interpersonal skills to deliver presentations, share ideas, build credibility in your writing, and more with speak first’s communication skills training courses help people get their messages across clearly, learn influential improve communication with ama’s online courses and seminars. see our range of skills training,

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