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once each scrum sprint is finished, you present it to your customers and then incorporate their feedback. a scrum team follows the principles of agile development, to improve teamwork and increase productivity. the sprint backlog is a list of product backlog items that the scrum team can complete during a specific sprint. as your team works on the scrum task, they can move the sticky notes around to their respective columns in the task board.

the team can add any tasks they have to the kanban board. a) scrum board – a scrum team uses data from the scrum task boards to create velocity charts and other graphs. you can change the status of a task just by dragging and dropping them into a relevant column. the “me” mode lets you only view the backlog items assigned to you in your workspace.

total estimation: the total amount of work you have in your sprint is summarized at the top of your sprint. you can even convert lists into a sprint, create sprint folders, and view the progress made in sprint folders using burn up and burn down charts in your dashboard. tasks that need to be pushed into the next sprint can be easily moved. you can also customize your own statuses and save them as a template for use in other folders.

this feature is available for each task and is cumulative for the entire list that those tasks live in. tasks in multiple lists: when you create tasks in your sprint, add them to a second list with the name of the project or initiative. the best way to use linked tasks with the sprints clickapp is to create a list to represent your project or feature. sprint automations allow you to set and forget sprint management so you can focus on your actual work and less on the admin side of sprints! this view allows the user to have a more day to day view of a folder’s progress; it’s helpful for scrum masters in particular, as well as for product owners.

clickup is the only project management tool that lets you toggle between views with a single click! this way, you can switch between these clickup is designed to be easily adaptable to many workflows, especially development workflows such as kanban, scrum, and agile in general. scrum is an agile-based project management framework where in-house and virtual teams develop products in short project cycleprins called, scrum board, scrum board, clickup sprint planning, clickup sprint backlog, clickup backlog.

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