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i did see the one study, posted elsewhere on this subreddit, that had subjects taking 300mg (i think) before a simulated public speaking situation to positive effects. i give planetarium shows. i get really scatter brained and anxious sometimes and cbd is just like this warm blanket that helps me focus and take my time with it. my ability to do shows my own way has become a lot easier. as for methods and dosing – i have vaporized in the hour before and then again right before hand and also have dosed w a tincture in the preceding hours. “scatterbrained and anxious sometimes” describes me to a tee as well, and i also have to be “on” all the time. yeah, i mean, i’d rather not take benzos, hence the lifelong search for a substitute that i can take prn. cbd is definitely a better, healthier, and non-addictive substance; however if you’ve been taking xanax for some time, i wouldn’t just drop it cold turkey for cbd, as there could be some serious withdrawals.

the reason it helps is because the cannabinoid in cbd have an effect on cb1 and cb2 receptors in our bodies allowing us to handle stress more effectively. message r/cbd and a mod can approve your post. i am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. i occasionally have to get up and present to a couple hundred people. of course this is anecdotal and ymmv, but i can confirm positive results. you may want to check out beta blockers too. i do sometimes rely on benzos but would rather limit my use of those to verrry stressful speaking engagements only. if i may, how long before a talk would you take cbd? (totally recognize that these variables would be different for everybody, but i’d be curious to know regardless.)

i have a presentation for school in a couple weeks and i’m making sure i prepare well for it with my material but i feel like my mind and body will psyche me out when i get up there and it won’t go as well as it could have. i get some benefit from it for talking in public, but i was taking quite a high dosage of about 180mg. most days i only take 15mg and that feels good for my anxiety and depression but doesn’t help much in social situations. i also got a medication from my doctor called propranolol which is a beta blocker but also calms your body and can help with anxiety and public speaking. but you gotta check with your doctor and make sure it is safe for you and safe with any other medications. that said, since i have been using cbd, i have not used the propranolol at all because the cbd feels similar and yet it is natural and i already take it every day. bearing in mind i’d be taking maximum like 50g of cbd per day at the most (can’t afford anymore where i am), and more likely around 25mg of cbd.

my plan is to take propranolol to guard against the fear of a panic attack (physical symptoms) but was hoping the cbd would help the more mental aspects of social anxiety (e.g. according to this study 300mg of cbd significantly reduced the anxiety caused by giving a public speech. i’ve not used it in social situations, but i think it could help. it definitely helps to prevent my mind & heart from racing prior to meetings/public speaking. i used to get nervous but i’ve done it so many times now i just zone out and speak. if you are prepared and confident in your topic, you can zone out and let it flow. i do not think cbd will help with serious nervousness but it could help relax you.

if anyone has first-hand experience with taking cbd oil for this type of thing, or i guess acute anxiety in general. looking around reddit for a comparison of the effects, i’ve always ran across what seem to be very i always get anxiety when i have upcoming public speaking. anxiety is an understatement as i feel like i’, cbd for public speaking, cbd for public speaking, phenibut.

i even doubled my dose but the anxiety still came through strong. whole body was tingling and heart was pounding it 354 votes, 50 comments. 116k members in the cbd community. visit our community site for vetted i’m just curious if taking too much can actually have little effect. is there like a goldilocks zone that you have to find?,

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