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and sometimes the rewards – closing a deal, satisfying a customer or building a new relationship – aren’t enough to stay motivated. but motivational speaker and researcher stacey flowers found that it works the other way: happy people succeed. in this video, she tells you about the five people you need to be happy (and how the success will follow). she’s not a motivational speaker who coddles you, tells you how wonderful you are and justifies your failures. here she tells you to get over “fine” and stop screwing yourself over. she’s funny and pragmatic because she gives it to you from both sides of the situation. iyanla vanzant is full of great advice, inspiration and spunk. here are her 10 best pieces of advice all wrapped up in a short, inspirational video. so if you want more motivation, you’ll find plenty of her videos on youtube. but j.k. rowling gives perhaps the most inspirational speech ever on why failure can be a gift.

and if you don’t want to listen to her harvard commencement speech on failure, you can read it here. brené brown has a library of videos. brown takes years of research, turns it into stripped-down, straight-talk that will get you to take responsibility and achieve more. are you reaching for your dreams or just going through the motions? are you headed toward the career you want or collecting a paycheck? in this talk, she suggests you “have the balls to follow your dreams.” think you face challenges? think success is so far-fetched you can’t even imagine what it’ll feel like. in this commencement speech, ellen degeneres focuses on the importance of staying true to yourself – learning from experiences and working hard – in pursuit of your goals. sylvia baffour believes we do too much out of fear – of the unknown or even known – and not enough out of meaning. michele is a veteran writer and editor who has focused on what makes businesses rock and roll for more than 20 years. when you claim your free myresourcefulselling membership, you’ll immediate access to practical advice curated from industry experts, thought leaders and sales professionals, and solutions specific to your role – delivered straight to your inbox.

she is also an actor and philanthropist who has dedicated her life to helping millions of underprivileged children and families from all walks of life. then when they find out who you are, that’s when they leave.” after losing both her legs to a meningitis infection at the young age of 19, she went on to become one of the most successful paralympic snowboarders in the world and is now a great female public speaker who travels the world and shares her story. as a motivational speaker for women beyonce speaks to audiences around the world and shares her story of struggle and how she persevered through difficult times in her life to make it to where she is today. she is also an author and a coveted motivational speaker on teamwork and leadership. her acclaimed books such as “rising strong” and “daring greatly” follow her life and experiences and show readers the road to success in spite of the hurdles they may face.

ali is also a television show host and an expert on fitness and healthy living. since her discovery on the tv show, jenner has been signed on to model for a number of fashion magazines, including ok! the basis of a popular hollywood movie, hamilton’s life is marked by tragedy and triumph. she has been recognized as an inspiration for the next generation, a thought leader, and a new role model. her work has been credited with inspiring people to become more conscious and self-aware.

10 of the best female motivational speakers 1. stacey flowers 2. mel robbins 3. paula stone williams 4. iyanla oprah winfrey is one of the most famous female public speakers who became a highly prominent talk best female motivational speakers. felecia hatcher. terri trespicio. sylvia baffour. zain asher. christine, .

bigspeak’s roster of famous female motivational speakers, is full of role models, icons and gurus who have helped in fact, finding the ideal speaker is part art, part science eckert also is a highly regarded business owner, a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship, a pharmaceutical leader and we represent the most inspiring and motivational female keynote speakers on the circuit. to check as a famous female,

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