becoming a great speaker

when you’re giving your talk, you’re nervous, anxious, and you’re trying to hold all the information you need to present in your head. all you want to do is get through your speech so you can get off the stage and go someplace where people can’t judge you. these people are far back enough that they probably can’t tell if you’re making direct eye contact or not, and you can still comfortably move your head and focus on different parts of the audience. however, i do think you should be able to get up on stage and deliver your speech without note cards.

after a few runs, though, the general outline and most of the details start to form a concrete picture in my head. your supporters are cheering you on through the good and bad; they’ll forgive your mistakes. when you’re developing your speech, try to get invested in the topic and focus on the transformation you want it to have on your audience. if you’d like to get notified about that video and other future content, you can sign up for the cig newsletter. there are still a ton of things you can do to make your three months off worth it.

the good news is that with some tips and some practice, you can leave a lasting impression that you will want people to remember. you may think that the best way to give a flawless speech is to memorize the content word-for-word. do this by creating bullet points of the content, stories, data and key takeaways that you want to get across in each part of your presentation. having a looser structure also gives you the flexibility to revise stories, takeaways and information during each speech based on the audience make-up and response. meeting with the people you are going to be speaking to before you give your speech has several benefits. it’s incredibly effective to use audience members as examples or transitions in a speech because it creates intimacy with the audience and more engagement.

if you are talking to small-business owners about marketing and joanne, for example, told you a great story about how she used an unusual marketing tactic, incorporate joanne and her story into your presentation. another keynote i went to recently had a dj who changed the music to underscore themes for the story. these tactics can take your entire presentation up a level. the most effective way to take the pressure off of you is to change your mindset and think about your audience rather than yourself or the speech. focusing on being helpful or in service of the audience, instead of on yourself, can help you to relax. as you plan your speech, think about where you can involve the audience and what devices you can use to involve them in the presentation so that you are talking with them, not just to them.

9 tips for becoming a great public speaker 1. slow down 2. pay attention to your body language 3. 5 easy ways to become a better public speaker — fast 1. memorize concepts, not content. 2. chat up don’t memorize your lines. far too many speakers believe that the best way to give a great speech is to memorize the content word-for-word. practice in a noisy room. embrace audio and visuals. focus on serving the audience. make it interactive., .

5 ways to become a better speaker (and feel less nervous) 1. know what you’ re going to say 2. talk slowly. as a public speaker, you should never feel the need to rush through a presentation. because anxiety tends to tip 1: nervousness is normal. practice and prepare. nerves are good. the adrenaline rush makes you more alert and,

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